Recent DVD Buys

well I didn't buy them, I got them for Christmas

But there is ALias season 1 and 2
Princess Mononoke
Spirited Away
Finding Nemo
Pieces Of April; imported from US
Leon: Superbit Extended Edition: imported from US
Le dinner de cons: bought in paris
Run Lola Run; bought off Amazon (what an awesome movie; if you can get over the fact it is German)
iheartalias said:
SecretAgentMan said:
i have that same sickness

too many movies :o_O:
lol, might call it an addiction...I went out and bought yet another one today: Lost in Translation...hahaha :rolleyes:
i've been buying less movies this year........trying to save money ;)


Jack Ryan Box set which includes:

Hunt for Red October
Patriot Games
Clear and Present Danger
Sum of all Fears
Ha. I didn't know this thread already existed. :doh: Goin' to close the other one...

At Best Buy, you can get Reloaded and Revolutions for $25.