Saw "The Lion King" up in New York...

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Code Monkey
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... with Mrs. KW802 yesterday. I wasn't sure what to expect since it's been hyped up pretty good but, come on, it's based upon a cartoon. Turns out that it was actually pretty good. The visuals of it are unlike any of the shows that I've seen before and some of it was just neat to watch.

My only complaint was with the theater itself. The New Amsterdam theater goes back to the early 20th century and was recently renovated (in 97') with the backing of the Walt Disney company. Apparently people were a lot thinner in those days because the seats were so small that I had to take off my cell phone & pager just to get into them. Now, granted, at nearly 6'3" and the weight of an average NFL linebacker I'm a pretty big guy but it was just me. Even Mrs. KW802 and the woman next to her, both of whom were tiny petite woman, were bumping into each other.

So, except for the seating, if you ever find yourself up on New York and are looking for a stage show to see I'd give a recommendation for The Lion King. :)