Sci-Fi Scifi To Science: "Aura" Cloak by THEUNSEEN Might Be Possible...


An Old Friend
EIGHTHSENSE is a coded couture piece, fashioned from materials that are remotely respondent to real-time digital data, through pattern shift, hue and color change.

From greys to blacks, pastels to vibrant rainbows controlled via a digital app built in collaboration with Holition.

An unseen force or “Aura” is outwardly emitted from every human as electromagnetic energy, these wavelengths through certain lenses can be seen as color.

THEUNSEEN aim to discover and investigate this invisible energy field by using a physical garment that reads human
magnetism coupled with the capture of EEG data. These biosignals are translated visually through our sculpture with the use of color and pattern.

For instance red portrays anger, nerves and anxiety, whereas green reflects teaching, sociality and people, Blue reveals calming,
truthfulness and peace while white mirror’s an inner state of sensitivity, intuitiveness and psychic ability.

Supported by the British Fashion Council, as an award from The Technology Strategy Board with thanks to the Trust this piece is in residence at Somerset House within THEUNSEEN EMPORIUM.

Referring Source: Eighth Sense Emotion-Responsive Cloak: Science Fiction in the News

Earlier I was reading about the development of a polyacrylamide hydrogel electrolyte that renders supercapacitors extraordinarily stretchable and compressible for use in wearable electronics.

Reference: Wearable electronics: Superstretchable, supercompressible supercapacitors: A polyacrylamide hydrogel electrolyte renders supercapacitors extraordinarily stretchable and compressible dated July 3, 2017.

Flexible, wearable electronics require equally flexible, wearable power sources. Scientists have now introduced an extraordinarily stretchable and compressible polyelectrolyte which, in combination with carbon nanotube composite paper electrodes, forms a supercapacitor that can be stretched to 1,000 percent in length and compressed to 50 percent in thickness with even gaining, not losing capacity.

UNSEEN may have something viable with their "Aura Cloak".

Imagine this as a trend.

You buy this Aura Cloak and wear it on a date.
It works like a mood ring on steroids.

Imagine if Congress and all politicians were required to wear one as a uniform?

Could it get abused?

Would it be a 'Good Thing' or a "Bad Thing"?

Knowing that your moods might be broadcast to any who could see?

Moods and "Aura' may not be the end result of this technology, just the start.

What if R&D created a garment that you wear that tells if you are lying or insincere?
What if criminals were required to wear something they can't remove that shows their propensity towards violence?

Could you wear one while being questioned by your mate?

Might the oath of courts be amended to require wearing an "Aura" Garment?

Any thoughts?