Security Warning for M$ Word users


Creative Writer
anyone using Word for business documents needs to know this.

in laymans terms, if you cut/delete anything out of the document, you don't see it, but it's still part of the document. M$ is working on a fix for this.

the implications of this mean if you make a document with a business quote, then copy the document into a new one, then change the name/address/values, the edited details are still contained in the document. if you email that .doc file to the company, they CAN retrieve any cut/deleted data and hence find out if you are quoting a different company a different amount.

if you take a modified document and copy and paste it into a fresh document, you only copy the actual visible data of the modified document, not the hidden data.

this is a stupid mistake on behalf of M$, any data recovery facility for the writer of the document are countered by the receiving company being able to find any deleted data.

be warned and work carefully!