Horror Shortcut (2020)


An Old Friend

Shortcut (2020)​

R | 1h 20min | Adventure, Fantasy, Horror | 25 September 2020 (USA)

A mysterious creature terrorizes five teenage friends after their bus takes a shortcut on a desolate road in the wild.

Back in September while I was looking for monster movies for my Shocktober playlist I ran across a CAM copy of this film on a streaming site. I watch a bit of it and while it was out of focus and noisy it looked like a good "B" movie.
I now have it in my que to watch.
I don't mind "B" movies especially if there is a monster in it. I LOVEZ my Monster movies!
Since I haven't watched in earnest, can't recommend it but if you like monster movies it did have a few intense scenes.

Here's a trailer: