Something I found out


An Old Friend
Of the 7 sites I polled

Coolscifi is the only site that is afraid to discuss streaming media.
So afraid in fact, the poll was even deleted.

Come out of your shells guys
Sure it just didn't get moved to the Star Chamber or somewhere else? Neither of the guys mentioned deleting a poll.
This is a pretty weird thread, but... well, okay, here's my 2-cents:

I don't think anybody is against streaming media, per se -- I think the issue is really copyright infringement, and whether or not a site like this should be seen as supporting or condoning the violation of US/UK copyright law when it comes to movies, TV shows, books, etc. If a site has 100% legal streaming media -- and I'm thinking of sites like Star Trek: Phase II -- then I would think that would be 100% in favor of supporting it. But when a site is essentially showing pirated movies or TV shows, without paying a dime in residuals or royalties... then yeah, I don't think should even seem to be encouraging or supporting it.
One more thought -- if you want to discuss streaming media -- or if you want to discuss the propriety or impropriety of certain streaming media sites, without linking directly to those sites -- I would have absolutely no problem with it.

Viva la free speech!