Space Camp


An Old Friend
Ages: 9* to 11
Spring 2011 Tuition
•6 Day $799
Summer 2011 Tuition
•6 Day $899
Fall/Winter 2012 Tuition
•6 Day $699 There is an additional $50 non-refundable registration fee

Want to know what it’s like to train like an astronaut?

  • Lift off at 4 Gs and experience weightlessness on our Space Shot TM simulator
  • Learn the real Moon Walk using our 1/6 Gravity Chair simulator
  • Build your own rocket and launch it towards space from our Rocket Launch facility
  • Tumble and spin in the Multi-Axis Trainer just like the Mercury Astronauts
  • Experience a world without friction in our MMU Simulator - Manned Maneuvering Unit
  • Lift off in one of SPACE CAMP’s Shuttle Simulators, or command or support everything from our Mission Control Center. Live and work in SPACE CAMP’s International Space Station simulator
Choose Your Track! (Summer Only)

  • Space Track
    In addition to a Shuttle Mission, space track trainees go through extensive Mars training!
    Example Activities:
    • Shuttle Missions
    • Mars Mission
    • History
    • Experiments
    • Astronaut Simulators
    • Mars based activities
  • Aviation Track
    Learn flight dynamics, wilderness survival, teamwork, and spend time in our high-performance jet fighter simulators. Learn the skills American fighter pilots use to rule the skies!
    Example Activities:
    • Jet Fighter Simulations
    • Land Survival
    • Hands-on Aircraft
    • Aviation Principles
    • Shuttle Mission
    • Astronaut Simulators
  • Robotics Track
    Rescue astronauts from the International Space Station! Trainees in the Robotics Track work together to design and program the ultimate robot.
    Example Activities:
    • Shuttle Mission
    • Robotics
    • Design, Engineering
    • Teamwork
    • LEGO® Robotics Competition
    • Astronaut Simulators