Spring Break

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hmm now i may go skiing or to florida with mah soccer team......just a trip no soccer :woot: i know its gunna be kick azz.....i luv mah soccer girls so much
we are going to drive down to california for spring break. My mom has timeshare with worldmark, so we'll be staying in Oceanside and checking out San Diego State University.
Elizabeth said:
I wanna go to jersey and say hi to chanel and eric...i wanna go to all u guyz house's and say hi to u
:lol: me2.....im pretty sure that would take a summa lol.....but that would be like the bestest spring break eva


i wanna go sumwhere really cool....and sumwhere adventurous with sum of mah friends :cool:
awww man! i want to go somewhere.... actually my sister is flying out from CT to help me with wedding planning, so im very thankful for that :D
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