strange civil war quiz


all of the questions in this quiz are weird becuse they happened.
every thing in this quiz is part of the history of the civil war and you should be able to goggle them if you want.
1,.only general to fight for 4 countrys in north america?.
2,first state to have blacks in its army and navy?.
3why was the last shot of war a blank fired by alaska?.
4,who won the second pickets charge?.
5,who was the first black us army officer?.
6,name the first ship to carry aircraft?.
7,why where all the silk dresses in the south collected and used to make this?
8,first general to be shot by this type of firearm?.
9,only grave for an left arm known.
10,this rifle was truned down becuse the gen-staff thought the troops would shoot too much?.
11,this might have been lincoins last offical act?.
12,only case of one man being married while standing on another mans leg?.
13,only female to die at gettysburg?.
14,untill ww2 this the only america sub to sink an enemy ship?.
15, quiz buster question

how is it that the first man made object in space might have the letters :confused:C;S;A;

good luck sub orbital recurits and keep them flying>:smiley: