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Sunday Mornings After

Discussion in 'General' started by CLCgolfca, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. CLCgolfca

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    Dec 20, 2002
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    There are a whole series of stories... each NON-Related to the one before it... It follows an idea - What if all the characters went out and drank a little too much... Some of you may have seen them, others maybe not... Enjoy.

    Okay... So before I even get started, I wanted to preface this with some stuff.

    1) The Title of the thread is taken from the Amanda Marshall song - Sunday Morning After. (Great song, you should hear it )

    2) These stories are in NO WAY related to each other. I wanted to do something fun... to see if I could find a 'reason' for each of the Alias characters to do something a little out of character - drink heavily!

    3) The title of the thread, again, is NOT the title of each story. In fact, there may not even be a 'Sunday Morning After', just a morning after. But, I think it gets the point across.

    4) DISCLAIMER - I own NOTHING of ANYTHING here. I wish I did , but we know who owns Alias and it's characters, and other then the title of the thread, ALL the songs that will be used are by a band called Great Big Sea! (they're great, you should hear them ) The title of each fic will be one of their songs.

    5) oh... and I'm a V/S shippery little fool, so...

    Any questions, comments or suggestions.... Let me know!

    Sea of No Cares

    have fun! (maybe)
    Thanks to Kat, Jude and all who helped!!

    Their glasses were all raised in a toast. “To Senor Weiss!!”, they all cheered! The glasses clinked together and joyously they all threw back their drinks. Vaughn laughed, for the first time in days, weeks even, he felt relieved. Happy even. His friend was home, out of the hospital, coming back to work, although, if they continued at this pace, things might not be so good at work the next day. He caught Weiss’s eye and grinned knowingly. It would be a long night, and an even longer morning! They both laughed!

    The bar he had chosen was a little off the beaten track. That was on purpose. As far from ‘distraction’ as he could get. Vaughn wanted to stay focussed on the celebration at hand, and not think about Syd. Loud music, good beer, great friends… what more could a man want? “Oh, I know….,” he thought to himself.

    Music bounced off the walls and the celebration went into the night. He was, well, not quite drunk, but pretty tipsy, and he knew it. He turned to Weiss, “I think I need to, uh… visit the little boys room. I’ll be ba-“ Before he could finish that thought, his blurry eyes saw the bar door open and in walked Sydney. Weiss saw the look on his friends face and said, “Um… I probably should’ve told you, but I invited Sydney along. She does work with…” His voice trailed off. It was obvious his friend wasn’t listening. In fact, Vaughn’s feet were taking him away from the table. No, not to the little boy’s room, but straight across the bar to where Sydney stood.

    Whether it was the beer, the music, the light, festive air, or a combination of all three, Vaughn didn’t know. What he did know was that he was now standing directly in front of her, grinning like a fool, and not caring in the least who saw! Suddenly, the absurdity of the song playing hit him:

    ”When you’re in love there’s no time and no space.
    There’s a permanent smile on your face.
    Your friends all complain that you’re going insane,
    But the truth is, they’re just afraid!”

    “Do you hear that,” he asked her.

    “What”, Sydney asked. She actually looked a little worried. He realized he must look quite a sight! Tipsy, NOT drunk, he told himself, and he realized, rocking back and forth from foot to foot, like a teenage waiting for his first kiss. He laughed out loud at that thought. Syd took a small step back.

    “Sorry… sorry,” he said. “I’m slightly, um, tipsy! I am NOT drunk! A handler could NEVER be drunk!” He grinned. Judging by her smile, he figured she knew he was fairly lit!

    The song hit him again:

    ”Then hey! Hey, somewhere
    You threw your fears in the sea of no cares.
    And hey! Hey, somewhere
    You threw your fear in the sea of no cares!”

    “Sea of no cares,” he chuckled. He leaned in close to her ear and whispered, “Nah… I’m drunk!” He pulled away, looked directly at her (as much as his bloodshot eyes would let him) and smiled!

    She laughed at him! Not a restrained laugh, but a happy, joyous laugh! It echoed in his ears and through his head. That wasn’t the beer, that much he knew. She did this to him, and he loved it!

    He grabbed her hand, rules be damned, and led her to the table they had all gathered at. He saw her and Weiss exchange glances, little knowing glances that said, “Yup, he’s drunk!” Suddenly he felt the need t prove them wrong, to be well behaved and reserved Vaughn. “Oh, who am I kidding?” he announced to the ‘audience’. Vaughn rose, ALL the way, stood on his chair, raised his arms in triumph and announced for all the world, or at least bar, to hear: “I’mmmmm drunk! Deal with it!!”

    He felt arms pulling him down, heard voices all around, even the odd cheer. “For me?” he wondered, slightly astounded. It had been a very long time since he had done something like this. College maybe.

    Things were really starting to spin now. Music was still playing and the party was still in full swing, but he heard a sweet voice in the distance, “Maybe it’s best we get him out of here. My truck is right around the corner. I can take him.” He forced his head to follow that voice. It belonged to the beautiful girl holding him up. He wanted to lift her, swing her around. There was no way though, he could barely hold himself up.

    Somehow, they managed to get him out of the bar and into the car. There were so many voices, but only one he kept hearing clearly. “I’ve got his keys,” and “Tell Devlin he’ll be a little late.” He wanted to kiss her. Right there, right at that moment!

    He didn’t. What he did do, to his best recollection, was pass out.

    He woke to a gentle prodding.

    “Vaughn. Vaughn. Are you there? Anybody home? Come on, I need some help here.”

    He opened his eyes and saw her, and those eyes. The song sang through his head again:

    When you decide that what counts is inside
    You’re friends all say it’s a lie.
    But there’s no brighter light then the look in her eyes,
    When you’re walking her home through the night.”

    So what if he wasn’t walking her home? So what if he could barely walk? He could look. At her. And that was even better.

    “Vaughn, you’re going to have to help me here. I can’t do this alone,” he heard that voice say.

    He tried to clear his head, just for a minute. “Syd,” he tried to say somberly, “you are never alone. You do know that, don’t you? I am here, I am yours, always.”

    At least that’s how it sounded in his head. What may have come out, he realized later, was “Shhyd… urnverlone. Unoshat, donshu? Mmmear, mmurs, lwys.”

    That would explain the giggle being the last thing he remembered. That, and a voice singing:

    ”Let yourself go with the tide.
    There’s an angel by your side tonight.
    You threw your fear in the sea!”


    Sun streamed into his window and painfully, very painfully he turned over. He struggled to remember last night. His mouth felt like fuzz. His head felt even worse. He sat up and checked the clock – 10:47 am. Oh, he was so late. Devlin would have his ass! He tried, tried being the operative word, to scramble out of bed, but his body just wouldn’t respond. He lay back down and closed his eyes.

    The silence, the peace, sounded so nice. But something was missing. He looked to the corner where Donovan slept but the dog wasn’t there. Then he heard it – a lock turning, keys dropping on a counter, and Donovan bounding down the hall. He tried to sit up, but before he could, the dog landed right on him. Footsteps followed. He turned to the bedroom door and saw her standing there, grinning.

    “I must be a sight,” he said at last. “I’m so sorry about last night. I do not usually do things like that.”

    “I know, Vaughn. But I will say, it was nice to see,” Sydney responded. “You can have fun with the rest of them, like any other normal guy.” She looked directly into his eyes when she spoke. He wanted to grab her, pull her close and just laugh with her! That was all. There would be time for more later.

    “Ok, I can do this,” he said, and started to rise.

    “Weiss told Devlin you were feeling a bit ‘under the weather’ this morning, so to speak, so you’ve got a bit of time,” Sydney advised him, a twinkle in her eye. Oh those eyes!! Last night was slowly coming back to him.

    He watched her turn to leave. Before she was out though, he heard her yell down the hall, “And you may want to shower! You smell like a brewery!”

    He heard that laugh, lay back onto his pillow and smiled.

    “You threw your fear, you threw your fear in the sea!”


    Vaughn's done.... Syd's next!
  2. alligirl

    alligirl Rocket Ranger

    Dec 21, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Celsie's tipsy series ROCKS MY SOCKS! :D
  3. CLCgolfca

    CLCgolfca Rocket Ranger

    Dec 20, 2002
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    ok..... so like I said earlier.... THIS IN NO WAY IS RELATED TO THE ABOVE STORY! It just happens to be Sydney's turn to drink It may not seem like Syd, but that's the idea. Enjoy.... maybe.... (I'm still not happy with this one, but I'm tired of looking at the screen )

    DISCLAIMER: Again, I own NOTHING! ABC, JJ, Bad Robot, etc for Alias; Great Big Sea for the song.

    Stumblin' In

    Thanks again to Kat & Jude!! (with a special to SWANKY!!!! - hery there, Swank!!)

    That flight was the longest of her life, there was no denying that. She quickly glanced at her watch, 7:23 pm. If she hurried, she’d be able to not only get home in time, but help Will set up as well. “Just customs, and one quick stop,” Sydney thought to herself as she hurried through the airport.

    Before she knew it, she was out in the warm Californian sun. She took a deep breath in, nearly choking on the smog in the process, but still laughed. She turned to Dixon, “Much better then Moscow, yes?” They both laughed, with a quick goodbye, and promise to meet early the next morning at work, they parted ways.

    Sydney wound her way through all the cars until she found hers. She tossed the bags in the back, hopped in and reached for her cell. Without even giving it a second thought, she hit the numbers automatically. That familiar voice answered. “20 minutes. See - ,” and before she could finish, he cut her off.

    “Something’s come up. I know it’s not smart, but I’ll have to meet you later. I’ll try and contact you in an hour or so.” And with that, he hung up.

    “Something’s come up? Whatever,” she thought bitterly. Probably a hot date with Alice. Ugh. She reached out and flipped the stereo on for the drive home. The music filled the car as she headed for the freeway. Unconsciously she bounced along to the music and before she realized, she was turning into the driveway.

    “Hey! I’m back,” she announced as she walked in the door and tossed her keys & bag aside.

    “Hey there! How YOU doin’,” Will asked as he stepped from the kitchen with a glass of wine and handed it to her. Syd loosened her hair and gulped back the wine.

    “I’m doin good, baby. How YOU doin’,” she laughed. It felt great to be able to joke with someone. “It was long, it was cold, and it was not fun, but I survived.” Another gulp, then, “Where’s Francie?”

    “Out. I convinced her that we were in desperate need of groceries-“

    “At 8:00 pm?” Syd asked. “Wow, that must have been quite a performance on your part.” They both laughed and Sydney found herself wandering into the kitchen to refill her glass.

    “Everything’s ready,” Will told her, and almost as if on cue, the doorbell rang.

    Gradually, over the next 20 minutes, the house filled up with friends and guests.

    Gradually, over the next 20 minutes, Sydney downed 2 more glasses of wine.

    She knew this was Francie’s night, after all, she had just opened a restaurant, celebrated a birthday, helped Will through his ‘problems’, and put up with Syd’s schedule for years, but she couldn’t shake the shadow that had been following her all night. “Something’s come up.” The words kept echoing through her head. With all this wine though, it was echoing maybe a bit more then it should have. Sure, the surprise went off without a hitch, but the fun wasn’t there. She reached over to fill her glass again.

    Music, mixed with laughter and idle chatter, filled the house. Hours passed and still no word from him. She knew she should put him out of her mind. Slight problem – she couldn’t. Everyone was having so much fun, why couldn’t she? She stopped to listen to the song playing through the room:

    “You can dance with disaster,
    Never missing a step.
    Spinning faster and faster,
    Long after I’ve already slipped.”

    Really, who was she kidding, she was the disaster. Her life was the disaster. She snuck up behind Francie and whispered in her ear, “I’ll be right back. Just going to get some air.” That being said, Syd grabbed the nearest bottle and headed out the door.

    She sat on the front step and listened to the music inside.

    “But in the middle of it all,
    You always break my fall.”

    She slowly stood, again, refilled her glass, and slowly walked around the house, humming along, what she thought was quietly, to the song. She settled herself on a tree stump.

    “Good Lord! You do know that you shouldn’t quit your day job, right?” Sydney jumped at that voice. She turned and there sat Vaughn on the back stoop. No suit, no tie, just casual Vaughn, with an evil little twinkle in his eye, or was it the patio lanterns. Syd didn’t know. Her head was somewhat foggy. She tried to shake fog out, but nothing.

    “Come on! It wasn’t that bad, was it? I have done this before, you know?” she responded, daring herself to return his grin. It was easy when she felt like this.

    “Yes, but not quite as, um, how shall I say this? Lit? Does that work?” Vaughn reached out to touch her cheek. The wine hadn’t helped, but now, she was sure they had reddened ten fold. She was feeling quite flushed and wasn’t too sure if it was the bottle and a half of fine cabernet, or Vaughn’s two fingers resting on her cheek. She had no doubt it was both.

    She tried to pull back, but rather, found herself swaying in place. Vaughn’s arms reached out to hold her steady and she just laughed! He started to speak and she just shushed him. With one fingered she gestured for him to listen.

    "Over and over, again and again,
    You broke through the door
    And I’m stumblin’ in.
    I’m twisted, I’m tangled,
    I’m soaked to the skin.
    You broke through the door,
    And I’m stumblin' in again."

    “That’s me,” she finally said to him. “I’m stumbling in again!” Her laughter rang out through the air. One look at Vaughn and she sobered up. At least she tried. Serious. It didn’t happen. What came out instead was, “What’s the problem, Sonny? Why the delay?”

    He just shook his head and grinned at her. Oh, she could just eat up that grin right now, in more ways then one!

    “I had a meeting with Devlin. Nothing serious. Busy day in the office, really. Anyway, it just couldn’t be avoided. I’ve been trying to reach you all night.”

    That was what he said.

    What she heard what somewhat selective: “I had… nothing serious. Busy day… been trying to reach you.”

    Awwwww. He did want to see her. Wait. Why no call?

    “Yeah mister? Why,” was all she said.

    Vaughn’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Why what? Why don’t we sit? I think you need to sit down,” and he gently pulled her down beside him on the stoop.

    Syd leaned against his shoulder, and felt his arm go around her. She closed her eyes and tried to stop the ringing in her head.

    “Pulled in every direction,
    I’ve a million regrets.
    And you’re the perfect protection
    When I’m down in it over my head”

    “I think I love this song,” she said to him. “It’s my life, in a nutshell.” She pulled her head up to look at him. She wanted to cry, everything hurt so much. “And I really want to get out of that nutshell.”

    “I know you do Syd, I know,” and he pulled in closer and let her lay back on his shoulder. She closed her eyes and let the wine take her away.


    She stretched out her arms and rolled over to hug the pillow. Coffee. That’s all. Just coffee. She checked the clock. She needed to meet Dixon in 45 minutes. With a groan she sat up and held her head in her hands. Francie stuck her head around the corner with the promise of coffee to come. Excellent. With that to look forward to, she stumbled to the shower.

    Thirty minutes later, feeling somewhat human again, Sydney was heading out the door to the car. She reached into her bag to grab her keys and pulled out her cell instead. She turned it over to check the time. It was off.

    “Oh, that can’t be good,” she thought.

    She turned onto the freeway and checked the messages.

    “You have 7 messages,” that obnoxious little voice told her.

    Message 1 – “Hey Sydney. It’s me. 20 minutes at the warehouse.”
    Message 2 – “Syd? I’m on my way. Did you get the last message? I’ll see you there.”
    Message 3 – “Hello? Are you ok?”
    Message 4 – “I’m here. You’re not.”
    Message 5 – Click.
    Message 6 – “Ok, I’m on my way to find you. Please be okay.”

    She laughed. Well, she thought, at least he cares about my well being. She listened to the last message:

    “I know I shouldn’t do this, but.... You’re fine. We tucked you in shortly after you passed out. Remember: Red wine is NOT your friend. (laughter) I’m not as good as you, but here’s your wake up call (and with that he sang, somewhat badly too.):

    ‘There’s bones in my closet,
    I’ve collected quite a few.
    God knows what causes
    An angel to love a fool,
    An angel to love a fool.’

    Try not to stumble into work today. Bye.”

    She had to pull over. She remembered not a whole lot from last night, but she remembered the song. She remembered sitting with him on the stoop. She remembered the way she felt with his arms around her. She remembered not wanting that feeling to end. She remembered red wine was not her friend. She laughed. Last night it was.


    There you go. Look out, I think Will is next!
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    ooo what ifs... nice job
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    I liked that now for more drunken characteur storys!
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    LMAO!!! :LOL: :LOL: These are great!!! :LOL: :LOL: Can't wait for Marshall and Sloan!! Ooohhh!! And Jack and Kendell!! :LOL: :LOL: :P :D
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    Those are hilarious! :LOL:
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    oops, did I post that twice?
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    More please!! :D
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    this is great keep writing

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