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Season 2 Synopsis for final 3 episodes

Discussion in 'Alias' started by AliasALIAS, Apr 23, 2003.

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    I got this from an email from Joey's Pizza. I haven't read all of it myself :angelic: but it's supposedly from a reliable source. I admit, I did skim the first part of it -_- Some of it may have been posted already. If all of it has been posted, please PM me so I could close it, as there is no need for duplicate threads.

    (And if you play the Alias Online Adventure, you'll see that the first sentence was part of the game)

    Sydney and Dixon visit the murder scene of Proteo Di Regno in Panama City. A detective says that based on apparent time of death, they got there 10 minutes too late. The police doesn't think it's a burglary, because it looks likt the thuggee cult have been by. (His chest is held open with a surgical retractor- Dr. Jones, soon the Kali Ma will rule the world!.) Sydney spots the Rambaldi symbol tattooed between the dead man's thumb and first finger- the perfect location for a secret society to conceal the mark! She notifies the forensics technician.
    Back at the Spook Crib, Marshall and another agent, Carrie Bowman, research a Rambaldi prophecy about a disaster that's supposed to occur in 36 hours. Carrie asks if he believes it. Marshall says that his parents were agnostic and empirical, but in the pit of his stomach he wonders if they were too closed-minded. Carrie says she's exhausted by the darkness of the world, and she asks Marshall if he smokes pole. Marshall says, uh, no, was there someone you wanted to fix me up with? She says that even though she's in MENSA, she has horrible gaydar, and all the cute guys she meets are gay. And after this is over, maybe they could go get some sushi. Marshall is very, very happy about this- and oddly, not a bit emasculated
    Dixon bitchslaps and pimpsmacks a mercenary who just took possession of some cargo from Panama City, but the merc ain't singin!. As Boom Kitty shows up, Dixon pulls out a charge of C-4 and activates it with a 30- second timer. If the mercenary doesn't spill his guts Dixon where the device is, he'll blow them all up. Syd wants to know what the hell Dixon is doing. Dixon says he has nothing to lose. Jack orders Dixon (via headset from the crib) to deactivate the C-4. NSA Deputy Director Brandon (also via headset) asks Vaughn if he can see them from his position. He can't, but he moves toward them. Syd begs Dixon not to do this. He tells her to leave, but she says she won't without him. He says she won't leave, then. Jack worries that shooting Dixon will set off the C-4 if he has a manual trigger. Brandon overrides him and orders Vaughn to take Dixon out. Vaughn lies that he doesn't have a clear shot, but Brandon isn't buying it. He orders Vaughn again to take the shot. As the seconds tick down to seven, six, Vaughn tenses his finger on the trigger. The mercenary realizes Dixon isn't bluffing.

    Syd and Will are jogging. She tells him that she's not supposed to tell him this yet, but he passed his upper-level analyst test with one of the highest scores. Just then cars come squealing up and FBI agents pour out, guns drawn, and surround them. Agent McCain says that Will is under arrest, and they cuff his hands and put him in a car. Syd gets in McCain's face and demands to know what's going on. He says Will is being detained under suspicion of espionage. She wants to know who ordered this. McCain says that her father did.
    Dixon goes to see Will in his cell. Will is happy to see him. Dixon is not. He shows Will pictures of what little they recovered after his wife's car blew up. He also shows him a picture of Will's fingerprint -- which matches the partial that they lifted from the remote detonator. Will is sucker-punched. Dixon says he might have Sydney fooled, but he knows that he's not really Will Tippin. Dixon says if Will helps him find Sloane, he'll help him not get the death penalty. If he doesn't cooperate, he will suffer. Will begs him to believe that it wasn't him. Dixon asks how they met. Will can't remember. He says someone did something to him to keep from remembering. Dixon pauses for a moment, then lunges at him and puts a hand on his throat.
    Francie calls Sark and tells him that Syd broke her cover and told her she was CIA because she was concerned for her safety, given what is happening with Will. Sark says it's an advantageous development -- as long as Will doesn't screw it up. Francie says she overheard that they're moving Will to another location. Sark orders her to intercept the transport, extract him -- and kill him.
    As Will is being transferred -- with Dixon in the front of the transport bush -- someone shoots out a front tire. The bus rolls over. A sniper kills the driver and keeps Dixon pinned. Gunmen rush in, kill the guards and move to unlock Will, while Dixon exchanges fire with the sniper.

    Irina is working at a computer in Sloane's warehouse in Zurich. Sloane enters, having come back from his "metaphysical journey." He is confident and silent and is freaking Irina out. He touches her neck, and she's not sure if he's going to try to kill her or seduce her. Sloane says that he was told that she would betray him -- and that she told him that. Irina doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. He puts his hand around her neck and says that she can redeem herself by being a part of what he has planned. He says he believes in free will, and that he would've killed her before. He urges her to take advantage of the opportunity he's giving her. In L.A., Vaughn tries to comfort a dejected Syd. "She" (probably Irina) offered to help Will, but Syd turned her down; now she wishes she had listened. Vaughn says they couldn't have trusted a word she said; Syd agrees, but maybe they could have played her. Syd says she keeps checking her voice mail to see if Will left her a message telling them where he is. She says that he told her she destroyed his life.
    Marshall talks to Weiss about his sushi date with Carrie. It was great, until he had to drop her off. When it came time to kiss her, he started sweating, "freak-show bad." He tells Weiss he needs help "with the ladies." As Weiss is counseling him, Marshall's computer beeps. Weiss starts talking about what his near-death experience taught him, but Marshall jumps up and runs off. He tells Syd and Vaughn that her mother is sending them intel on their top-secret local server. Syd realizes it's a "second chance." She approaches Kendall with the information -- the DNA string of the other person who was doubled. She wants to bring Will in as soon as they find him to see if his matches.
    Syd and Vaughn go to a club in Sweden. Vaughn tells Syd that her dad is going to be OK. Syd brings up them taking a vacation when all this is over. Vaughn says they have to stop talking about it and just book the hotel. Syd agrees and says they need to start thinking more positively. He says they're going to Santa Barbara. They spot Sark, talking to a man in a suit. Syd is amazed that her mother was telling the truth. Syd and Vaughn approach him and pull their guns. Sark reaches into his coat, but Vaughn slams his head on a table and takes Sark's gun. "See, when I have a gun trained on you, I don't just pull the trigger," Vaughn snarks. Sark says thank you. Vaughn slams his head on the table again and says, "You're welcome." Hee. Syd says that if he doesn't tell them where Sloane and Jack are, she'll torture him forever. Sark says his loyalties are flexible, and they're in Mexico City.
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    yes, this is posted elsewhere::):
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    Thanks! :)

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