1. J

    Season 4 Fave Vaughn Line/Jack's Lack Of Furniture

    Vaughn: "So this is where your dad lives?" Sydney: "What did you expect?" Vaughn: "I don't know...a BUNKER or something?" Did you notice how little furniture there was in Jack's apartment? Also there's no artwork or anything colorful I was thinking that perhaps Jack has submerged so much of his...
  2. P

    Season 1 The Badenweiler CIA team leader

    Just in case anyone's still reading this bit of the board, does anyone know who the CIA team leader at Badenweiler was? I've never been able to work it out, and it's bugging me.
  3. P

    Season 4 The DVD - and Dutch subtitles?

    Not sure whether I should be putting this here or under DVD discussion, but I was watching this the other night and presume the DVD player picked up my subtitle settings from previously (hey, I like watching in 2 languages at once! :D), because "Universiteit van Amsterdam" appeared on the screen...
  4. B

    Season 2 Sloane - Acting Director?

    During the CIA briefing in this episode, Kendall describes Sloane as the "acting director" of SD-6. I haven't seen the complete first season but from what I have, Sloane was always in charge. So who is the actual director of SD-6 that Sloane is filling in for as "acting director"?
  5. M

    Season 4 Let's laugh together:)

    Take a look at the picture. What do you see. I didn't pay attention, first, but then after i read that the creators meant smth with all russian stuff in eps, well, i got interested. This is the first thing i noticed. Since it's not russian at all. I mean, it should be, anyway, that was all up t...
  6. B

    Season 5 "JTINDLE"

    In Maternal Instinct, Sloane has Rachel delete server logs to keep Devlin from finding out about Jack and Sydney's rogue op. The user ID he used was "JTINDLE". When Rachel asked him about it, he said his network account timed out and he had to create a temporary one. Is there any significance to...
  7. H

    Season 1 What does the title refer to?

    This is one of the less literal episode titles. Any ideas what "Spirit" refers to?
  8. S

    Season 5 "I never wanted to have a child"

    Quick question. I can't remember back that far...was this the first time Irina has told Sydney that having her (Syd) was a task? Did Sydney know before "Maternal Instinct" that Irina never wanted to have a child? Just wondering. I think Jennifer Garner played the reaction quite well...stunned...
  9. D

    Season 3 Lindsey VS. Sloane

    Hey peeps, sorry I am digging in your memory so bad, Here in the Netherlands we are @ Season 3 yet so :P I thought it was this episode, Lindsey gives Sloane in the parking garage evidence of what Sloane wants.... What was in the envelope???? what is it that sloane is after..... 've whatched...
  10. Marshy47

    Season 5 What an episode!

    This could quite possibly be one of the best episodes of ALIAS. Brilliant from start to finish. I only saw it for the first time last night on DVD 'cause England never really bothered with ALIAS. <_< How they went back into old scenes and altered 'em slightly was fantastic. And then finding...
  11. M

    Season 3 Worst Gunfight ever

    Okay, so I registered here late, posting about this season really late. Whatever. I'm just going through the episodes again. I vote this is one of the worst gunfights I've ever seen. It was embarassing. I'm trying to do this from memory, I think I watched it two days ago... yeah, it starts...
  12. S

    Season 5 The Horizon

    I was just watching The Decent, Season 4 and noticed that The Sphere Of Life appears to be exactly the same as The Horizon. Are they meant to be the same thing - as it would make more sense The Sphere Of Life giving eternal life... or was this just an error.
  13. I

    Season 1 Noah Hicks thoughts

    When watching this, a friend mentioned that Noah enters wearing a White Knight mask. In fact, he is clearly anvilled (new word!) into the White Knight position by the colors he wears in this episode, and the fact that he rescues damsel in distress Sydney in the Cold Room of Doom, carrying her...
  14. S

    Season 5 Series finale completely contradicts episode 4x16

    So what was Rambaldi's endgame? When one watches the season 5 finale one would assume immortality(The Horizon). But it CAN'T BE! And here's why. Please re-watch "Another Mister Sloane" OK. So Slaone interrogates the man who's working for Arvin Cloane. As Sloane keeps threatening the guy we get...
  15. T

    Season 1 FBI or CIA

    ok so i have another question, in this episode we find out that helaki was FBI because he was seen having lunch at the rotunda, which apparently only FBI are allowed into. then we have series 2 where its set in the rotunda, however we're still the CIA, was it just a slip up???
  16. T

    Season 1 help

    ok so as we all know, Jack gave Will Elouise Kurts pin transmitter and is the voice on the end of the phone with a voice box which we all find out later in the series, so if this is true how was he talking to Will when he was with Sydney saving SD-6 from Cole?????? any ideas anyone ok so...
  17. S

    Season 5 Original Script Cut Short by 30 Minutes?

    Taken from another Alias forum, the following is from an insider who was close to the crew: Link
  18. S

    Season 5 Original Script Cut Short by 30 Minutes?

    Taken from another Alias forum, the following is from an insider who was close to the crew: Link
  19. S

    Season 5 Missed Episode

    Alas i missed this episode and i am very angry about that. Does anyone know where i can download this episode?? cause im not an anmerican citizen so i cant watch it at abc and im not in the mood to wait till it comes out on dvd... that would be a big help thanks
  20. L

    Season 5 Easter Eggs for Season 4 DVD

    Has anyone seen the easter eggs that are supposedly on S4, disk #6? I've heard there are clips of a cast/crew holiday party and another behind the scenes clip. I followed the instructions listed on this site: However, I couldn't...