The Accident

Aug 16, 2005
Disclaimer: I wish i owned Alias

SUMMARY: Michael is a doctor with a fourteen-year-old daughter. His wife died in a car accident almost a year ago. On his way home from work he sees a car wreck and has to help…

A/N: This is my fist fic. Any comments or help would be appreciated.

Chapter One:
Michael was on his way home from work. He stopped to pick his daughter up from a friend’s house.
“ Hey Hil, how was your day?” Michael asked her.
“ It was fine.” Hilary said.
When they got home she locked herself in her room like she had done every night after school since her mother had died. Michael sighed; he didn’t know what to do, and how to help her. He knew it was hard. He missed his wife too.
“ Hil?” Michael knocked on her door.
“ Yeah?”
“ Can, I come in?” He asked pretty sure she would say no.
“ Sure.” Hilary was about to start crying.
“ You okay? Did something happen at school?” He asked.
“ Everyone is talking about homecoming and going dress shopping with their moms. I can’t do that. I’ll never get to do a lot of things with mom. It’s just not fair.” Hilary was crying.
Michael hugged his daughter. “ I know Hil. I miss her too.”
“ I’m not going to homecoming.” Hilary told him.
“ Hilary, I know you miss your mom, but she wouldn’t want you to miss something you were looking foreword to. She would want you to keep living your life. Please don’t just decide not to go. You’ll be missing out on something fun.” Michael told her.
“ Okay. I’ll think about it.”
The next day as they were driving to school they saw a car that was pretty smashed up. Michael pulled over and grabbed the medical set he kept in his car.
“ Hil, come with me. I might need your help.”
“ Dad, I can’t. Mom…”
“ Hil, yes you can. I need your help.” Michael told her seriously. They got out of the car and ran towards the car. Michael went and opened the door.
“ I’m Dr. Michael Vaughn. I’m here to help you.” He said.
“ Syd…Sydney.”
“ I’m gonna move you out of the car. I don’t know what happened to your car. I don’t want to risk it catching fire.” Michael told her. He picked her up and moved her to the back seat of his SUV. He started treating her. Okay you have a concussion. I need to get you to the hospital.” Michael told her.
“ Okay.”
“ Hil, you okay?” Michael asked his daughter.
“ Wait, who’s Hil?” Sydney asked.
“ My daughter. Hilary.” Michael said.
“ Nice to meet you both.” Sydney said. Michael and Hilary got in the car and took her to the hospital. Michael punched in, and went to treat Sydney.
“ Thank you Dr. Vaughn for everything. You saved my life.” Sydney smiled.
“ No big deal, It’s my job.”
“ You said you have a daughter?” Sydney asked.
“ Yeah, Hilary. She’s fourteen.” Dr. Vaughn smiled.
“ I’m sure you and your wife love her very much.”
“ Yes, I do.” Michael smiled.
“ I? Normally that answer would be a we.” Sydney asked.
“ My wife was killed in a car accident a year ago tomorrow.”
“ Oh my god. I am so sorry.” Sydney apologized.
“ No. It’s okay. You didn’t know.” Michael tried to smile. “ Well anyway, I could probably spend all day talking to you. So I should probably get back to work. I’ll check back later.” Michael felt different. He hadn’t felt this way since before his wife died. Quite honestly it was scaring him. He finished his work and before he left he stopped in to see Sydney.
“ How are you doing?” Michael asked.
“ Better now.” Sydney smiled.
“ That’s good. So you will be released in about and hour. I just have to finish the paperwork.”
“ Oh…”
“ What? What’s wrong.”
“ I just have a lot to do. I’m transferring here. So I have to find an apartment and a new car. I was coming here to look for an apartment and then I got in the accident.” Sydney explained.
“ Well, why don’t you come stay with Hilary and I?”
“ I don’t know. I mean would Hilary be okay with this? I know you guys have had a rough year. I know it’s temporary but would she be okay with this?”
“ Well, I have to go pick her up. I’ll talk to her, dropped her off at home and come back here.” Michael said. “ I’ll be back.” Michael left.
Once they were in the car Michael said, “ Hil, what do you think about Sydney staying with us for a little while?” Michael held his breath.
“ Um… I don’t know. It’s okay I guess. You like her. You may not realize it, but you’re falling in love with her. And…I’m okay with it. I though about what you said yesterday. We can’t bring mom back, and we need to move on. I don’t know what it is but there is something about Sydney. I like her.” Hilary smiled.
“ Will you come to the hospital with me. Formally meet her?” Michael asked.
“ By the way, one condition to her living with us.” Hilary smiled.
“ Okay shoot.” Michael sighed.
“ She has to come homecoming dress shopping with me, so I have something to wear.” Hilary smiled at her dad.
“ That’s my girl.” Michael was happy his daughter was gonna go to homecoming. He started the car and drove them to the hospital. They walked to Sydney’s room.
“ Hi, I’m Sydney.”
“ Hilary. It’s nice to meet you. So, my dad talked to me about you living with us. I just have one condition.” Hilary said.
“ Okay, what’s that?” Sydney asked.
“ That, when you feel better, you come homecoming dress shopping with me.” Hilary told her.
“ Yeah, I’d like that.” Sydney laughed.
“ Okay, well let’s get you home.” Michael helped her to the car.
“ Thank you for letting me stay here. It’s really sweet of you guys.” Sydney said as they pulled into the driveway.
“ It’ll be nice having you here.” Hilary smiled.
“ Hil, can you take Sydney up to the guest room while I start dinner?” Michael asked.
“ Yep.” Hilary took Sydney up to the guest room and made sure she had everything she needed. Then she went downstairs to help her dad with dinner.
“ So, what are you doing tomorrow?” Michael asked his daughter.
“ I don’t know. I guess I keep putting off thinking about it. I think I’ll stay home with Sydney. What about you?”
“ Well, I have to go into work but I should be able to get out early.” Michael told her.
“ Dad, you’re working to many hours. You’re gonna wear yourself out.” Hilary told him sadly.
“ Things are just busy now. They’ll slow down soon, and then maybe we’ll go on a vacation.”
“ Really? Where?” Hilary asked excitedly.
“ I don’t know. You’ve always wanted to go to Europe, or Hawaii.” Michael said.
“ Do you really have to go to work tomorrow?” Hilary asked.
“ Yeah, I’m sorry Hil, but I do. I should be able to be home by like one and I’m not leaving until like ten.” Michael stuck his hands in his pockets and shrugged.
“ Kay.” Hilary was disappointed.
“ Hil, I’m sorry. I really need to go in.”
“ I know. I know.” Hilary said.
“ Dinner is ready. Can you go get Sydney?” He asked her.
“ Yep. I’ll be right back.” Hilary walked upstairs to find Sydney. “ Sydney, dinner is ready.”
“ Okay,” They walked down stairs to the kitchen, and sat down to dinner. “ Mmm… you are a very good cook Dr. Vaughn.” Sydney said.
“ Thank you, but it’s Michael.” He smiled.
“ So how did you get to be such a good cook?”
“ Well, Sam, my wife didn’t like to cook. So I did it. And I’m originally from France so my we always did a lot of cooking when I was little.” Michael said.
“ Dad, can we go get ice cream after dinner?” Hilary asked.
“ Um… yeah, that sounds good. Where do you want to go?” He asked her.
“ Oh! That place on the beach that we always liked.” Hilary said.
“ Okay, we’ll go after dinner.” Michael smiled. They finished dinner and went out to the car to go get ice cream. Hilary climbed in the back seat.
“ Hilary, you can sit up front.” Sydney told her.
“ No, that’s okay you can.” Hilary smiled. They drove down to the ice cream shop.
“ Okay, Hil, what do you want?” Michael asked.
“ Um… the mini banana split.” Hilary told him.
“ Okay, Sydney?” He asked.
“ I’ll have a chocolate cone.” Sydney said.
“ Okay, we’ll have one mini banana split, one chocolate cone and one hot fudge sundae with nuts.” Michael placed their order.
“ Dad, can we walk on the beach for a little bit?”
“ Yeah, the sun will be setting soon.” He said knowing that was his daughter’s favorite time of the day. They walked along the beach for about half an hour. They headed back home and Hilary watched some T.V. while Michael did some work and Sydney was up in her room. Around 10:30 Hilary went into her dad’s office.
“ Goodnight dad.”
“ Goodnight Hil, I’ll see you in the morning.”

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed!!
Aug 16, 2005
Since there has been now response to this I'm gonna post a few more chapter and then consider closing the topic if there are no responses.

Chapter 2:

They both slept and Hilary woke up at about nine o’clock. She walked
down stairs. She had tears falling down her face.
“ Hil” Michael hugged his daughter.
“ I miss her so much dad.”
“ I know. I do too.” Michael whispered. Hilary pulled out of her dad’s hug. She grabbed the cereal and a bowl.
“ I’m guessing you are leaving for work soon.” Hilary said.
“ Yeah, I’m sorry Hil, I have to.”
“ I know, I know.”
“ Are you gonna be okay?”
“ Yeah, we can’t bring her back. We need to move on.” Hilary said.
“ Yeah, I’ll be back soon.” Michael kissed her forehead and left. Shortly later Sydney came down.
“ Hilary, you okay?” Sydney asked.
“ Yeah, I’m fine.”
“ So is there anything you want to do today, before your dad gets home?”
“ Sydney I need to talk to you. Will you sit down?”
“ Sure.” She sat down.
“ I haven’t been very welcoming. I’m sorry. I can see that you and my dad are falling in love with each other, and that’s okay with me. He loved my mom and he always will, but you make him happy. I’ve seen it in the last day. I want him to be happy.” Hilary told her.
“ Thanks Hilary. I appreciate that. Do you really think he’s falling in love with me?”
“ Yeah, he wouldn’t let just anyone stay here. Just don’t break his heart. Okay?”
“ You’re right I am falling for your dad. I promise I won’t break his heart.”
“ Thanks Sydney. So could we…could we go dress shopping today?” Hilary asked.
“ Yeah, I’d like that. Go call your dad and tell him. I don’t want him to worry if he gets home and we’re not here.” Hilary went and called her dad.
“ Dad, it’s me.” Hilary said.
“ Hey, what’s up?”
“ Um…is it okay if Sydney and I go dress shopping?” Hilary asked.
“ Yeah, that’s fine. There’s a credit card on my dresser. Take that.” Michael said.
“ Okay, thanks dad. I don’t know when we’ll be home by I have my phone so…” Hilary said.
“ Alright. Have fun.”
“ I will. By the way Sydney is falling in love with you too.” Hilary told him.
“ How do you know that?”
“ I asked her. And yes I am okay with it.” Michael could practically hear her smile, and knew she really was.
“ We’ll talk about that later. Have fun.” Michael hung up. Hilary went back downstairs and told Sydney she was ready to leave. They left for the mall.
“So do you know what you want?” Sydney asked.
“ I’m thinking this Michael Kors halter I saw last time I was here.” Hilary said. I
“ Okay, let’s go there then.” Sydney said. They went into Michael Kors and Hilary tried on the dress she liked. She came out and showed Sydney.
“ Hmm…I like it, but do you want to try on a couple more? Just to make sure that that’s the one you want?”
“ Yeah, that’s a good idea.” She tried on a few more. But they decided they liked first one she tried on. They went to check out. The dress came to $250 dollars.
“ Are you sure your dad won’t be mad that you spending that much on a dress?” Sydney asked.
“ He’s a guy he won’t care. He probably won’t even notice I spent that much.” Hilary shrugged. “He’s a great dad but he doesn’t really care about money. Neither of my parents did.”
“ Okay, I just don’t want him to get mad.” Sydney smiled.
“ He won’t.” They spent the rest of the day doing some more shopping. And were back home 10 minutes after Michael did.
“ Did you have fun?” Michael asked.
“ Yeah, I found a dress, shoes and jewelry.” Hilary smiled.
“ Good, so do you ladies want to go out to dinner? We could go to Wind and sea.” Michael offered.
“ Okay. I’ll go get ready.” Hilary said. Andy followed her up stairs and shut the door to her room behind him.
“ I’ve been thinking about what you said all day. Are you sure you’d be okay if I started dating again?” Michael asked.
“ Yeah, I am. I like Sydney. I’m okay with it. Really.” Hilary smiled.
“ Okay, I’ll let you get ready for dinner. I just wanted to make sure.” Michael kissed he forehead and walked out. He went downstairs.
“ I need to talk to you.” Michael and Sydney said at the same time.
“You go first.” Sydney said.
“ I’m falling for you. I’m falling in love with you.” Michael said.
“ Me too.” Sydney smiled.
“ I need to take things slow.” Michael told her.
“ I know. I don’t want to date while I’m living here though. You have a daughter we need to think about. I just feel that is inappropriate.” Sydney told him.

Hope you enjoyed.

comments and constructice critisism welcome
Mar 11, 2003
Hey sweetie,

First of all I have to say that I was in disbelief when I saw that no one had responnded to this yet.
I really liked the story idea and I was very eager to read it. :)

The first thing I noticed however was that Hil is 14 in the story and in the topic title you said she's 16. You might want to change that.

For the rest I really loved what you wrote.
It was really good and I like the fact that Hil really likes Sydney and that she feels at least a bit happier now.
Then we have Michael who is finally able to move on too and it's good that he's listening to what his daughter has to say too and that he doesn't just get into a relation with Syd without thinking about Hil. :D

If I could make one suggestion for this story then I would say that it might be better if you used more paragraphs because it feels rushed sometimes and if you use more paragraphs you get a better structure in it.
It's just a thought so you can do whatever you want.

And as for the rest, I would love to be put on your pm list for this! ;)

You did a very good job!
Oct 26, 2003
hi! i just found this... i don't know how i missed to read this.. but it's great... will you continue? please... i like the story... can i be on your pm list when you update?
Aug 16, 2005
Thanks For Reading
I will probably update on weekends the most. Here is another update. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 3
“ I started apartment hunting and I start my new job tomorrow. I think I’ve found one. I made an appointment to see it tonight at 8.” Sydney said.
“ I’ll come with you if you want.” Michael offered.
“ Okay, thanks. I have no idea how to pick an apartment.” Sydney said.
“ Well, I’ll go with you and I’m sure Hilary would like to, too. She’d probably help you move in and decorate. She loves that kinda stuff.” Michael smiled.
“ Awesome, I’m so bad at that stuff. I’ll need all the help I can get.” Sydney said. Michael leaned in and kissed her softly. “Mmm… Michael…we can’t. We need to takes things slow.” Sydney said
“ I know. I’m sorry I just wanted to kiss you.” Michael apologized.
“I want to kiss you but we need to go slow. You have a lot at stake, we have to think about Hilary.” Sydney said.
“ I know. I talked to her, right before this. She’s okay with this. I wouldn’t do this if she wasn’t.” Michael said.
“ Okay. Just making sure.”
“ I’ll go get Hilary so we can go to dinner.” Michael smiled. He found Hilary sitting on the steps listening to them. “ Hil?”
“ Sorry dad. I couldn’t resist.” Hilary was pretty sure her dad was gonna yell at her.
“ It’s okay.” He sat her down on the steps and sat next to her. “ Well, we are gonna date but not while Sydney is living here. After dinner, we’re going to go look at an apartment for Sydney. We know you are good at it decorating, and Sydney was wondering if you would help her.” Michael said.
“ Yeah, I’d love to help her. So are we ready for dinner?”
“ Yep. Come on.” Michael said. They went out to dinner and then to the apartment Sydney was looking at. The owner showed them around and then left them alone to talk about it.
“ Sydney what do you think?” Michael asked.
“ Um… I think it is a good size. What about you?”
“ I think the price is good, and the size is good. Hil?”
“ I think there is a lot you could do design wise. The way this sets up, you could do almost anything you wanted.” Hilary told her.
“ I like it. I think it would work for me.” Sydney said.
“ Okay, well I’ll call my lawyer, have him look over the lease and draw up papers.” Michael said.
“ Thank you so much, Michael.” Sydney smiled.
“ No problem. I’m gonna go call him now. You and Hilary can start getting ideas to decorate.” Michael walked outside to talk to his lawyer.
“ So what are you thinking for the apartment?” Hilary asked.
“ I’m thinking kinda city chic, or European style. What do you think?”
“ I think it will be so cool. And if we go to the right stores it won’t be that expensive.” Hilary said.
“ Awesome. I can’t wait to get started.” Sydney said as Michael walked in.
“ Okay, so my lawyer said the lease looks good. And he has the papers so we can go sign them now if you want to.” Michael told her.
“ Thank you! Thank you so much.” Sydney thanked him.
“ No problem. Let’s go get those papers signed.” Michael said. They got in the car and drove to Michael’s lawyer’s office.
“ Dr. Vaughn. How are?” His lawyer asked.
“ I good, and you?”
“ Never better. And how is Hilary?” He asked.
“ I’m good thank you Mr. Jacobs. This is our friend Sydney.” Hilary said.
“ Well Sydney, it’s nice to meet you. I’m William Jacobs. So I have your papers. I just need your signature.” He smiled.
“ Okay, Well lets get those papers.” Sydney said. She read the lese papers and had no issues with the contract and signed the papers.
“ Thank you William it was a pleasure meeting you.”
“ Likewise.” He said. They left and headed back home. They had decided they would help Sydney move in tomorrow. For Michael that meant that he and Sydney would start dating. Hilary helped Sydney pack her things.
“ It’s gonna be weird without you here.” Hilary said.
“ Yeah, I know. I’m still gonna see you all the time though. and you can always call me. I promise.” Sydney told her.
“ Yeah, I know thanks. I also know that I’ll see you all the time.” Hilary smiled mischievously.
“ Yeah. You probably will.” Sydney smiled.
“ Yeah. Spare me details.” Hilary laughed.
“ Okay. Your dad is a great guy. You’re really lucky to have a dad like him.” Sydney said.
“ So tell me about your parents.” Hilary sat on the edge of the bed.
“ Well, my mom died when I when six and my dad always worked. He sent me off to boarding school, I don’t really see him.” Sydney sighed.
“ I’m so sorry.” Hilary said.
“ There is nothing I can do to fix it. Believe me I tried. But I’m lucky to have met you and your dad.” Sydney told her.
“ No, my dad and I are lucky to have met you. Not the other way around. I used to believe at one point that my mom wasn’t really gone. That she was just away on a trip. I’ll be honest with you, I was afraid of my dad dating. Mainly because I was afraid of loosing what little I had left of my mom. I was afraid that my dad would forget my mom.” Hilary said.
“ Hilary, I’m not gonna replace your mom. I could never do that. I can love you and you dad, but I can’t replace her, and I wouldn’t try. I can do things with you that your mom can’t. But I’d never try to replace her, or talk bad about her ever.” Sydney said.
“ Thanks Syd… can I ask you something?” Hilary asked.
“ Yeah, Anything.”
“ Does it get easier? Missing her, or someone you love?” Hilary asked.
“ Yeah, it does. I don’t know how or why but it does.” Sydney gave a small sad smile.
“ Well, if you’re all packed I’m gonna go get some sleep.” Hilary said.
“ Yeah, I need you well rested to help me move into my apartment.” Sydney said.
“ Yeah, yeah. I’ll see you in the morning.” Hilary told her and went to go say goodnight to her dad.
“ Hey. You okay?” He asked.
“ Yeah, I am.” Hilary smiled.
“ Okay, so you’re okay with everything?”
“ Yeah, I am. I promise I’ll say something if I’m not. Anyway I'm going to bed. Goodnight dad. I love you.”
“ I love you too. Goodnight Hil.” Hilary went to bed. The next morning Hilary woke up and went down to the kitchen.
“ Morning Hilary.”
“ Morning. Where’s my dad? He’s always up before me.”
“ He got called in to work about a half an hour ago. There was some sort of emergency surgery or something. He said to tell you he would make it up to you. He didn’t know when he would be home.” Sydney told her.
“ He works too hard. He’s gonna wear himself out.” Hilary said.
“ I know.”
“ So are we moving stuff to your apartment or are we waiting for my dad?”
“ We’ll I was thinking you and I could just do something fun. Maybe go get manis and pedis?” Sydney offered.
“ Okay. That sounds fun. I’d like that.” Hilary smiled.
“ Okay, I’ll go get ready. Make sure you have your phone. I’m not sure if your
dad has mine.” They went to the spa, and were getting their pedicures.
“ So, you really love my dad?”
“ Yeah, I do. When he picked me up and moved me out of my car, I noticed that he was really cute. He was talking to me in the hospital, and I felt myself falling for him. And then you told me that you knew we both loved each other.” Sydney smiled.
“ He hasn’t been this happy since before my mom’s accident. I’m glad it’s you and not someone else. I wouldn’t be okay with it if it was.”
“ Thanks Hilary. I appreciate you being this honest and open with me.” Sydney told her.
“ Yeah, so do you have any brothers and sisters?”
“ No, I’m an only child. I wished I did but… What about you do you wish you would have a brother or sister?”
“ No, I don’t. I probably wouldn’t have the same relationship with my dad as I do. I mean some days I do but most I don’t. My two best friends are like sisters. We call each other’s parents by their first names and when we’re at each other’s houses it’s like being at our own homes. If you add it all together, I probably spend as much time with my friends and their families as I do at my own house with my dad. I guess I like that these friends were my friends before my mom died. They’re not my friends because they feel bad for me.” Hilary told her.
“ Yeah, I understand that.” Sydney said.
“ Yep so…I’ll have to have them come over one day so that you can meet them.”
“ Yeah, I’d like that.” Sydney said. Ten minutes later Michael called.
“ Hil?” Michael said when she answered her cell.
“ Dad?”
“ I called home. You didn’t answer.” Michael sighed with relief.
“ Oh yeah sorry Dad. Sydney and I are getting manicures and pedicures. I should have put the call forwarding on. I forgot. I’m sorry.” Hilary said.
“ That’s alright. As long as you bring your phone that’s okay. So anyway I’m on my way home. Now that you guys are all relaxed you probably don’t want to move stuff to Sydney’s apartment, so we’ll just do that tomorrow.” Michael said.
“ Ok. I’ll see you when we get home.” Hilary said, and hung up the phone.
“ So what did your dad say?”
“ He’ll see you when we get home, but since most of the day is over, we’ll move you in to your new apartment tomorrow.” Hilary told her.
“ Okay,” Sydney said as Hilary’s phone started ringing again.
“ Hello?” Hilary motioned to Sydney that she’d be right back, and walked outside.
“ Hey Hilary this is Derrick. I wanted to know if you wanted to go out to dinner tonight. I completely understand if you aren’t ready.”
“ That sounds nice. I’d like that. That sounds nice. I really like you, and I’m sorry I’ve been so distant. I’ve been unfair to you. I’m really sorry Derrick.”
“ No, Hil, I understand. I'm waiting for you because I want to, not because I feel like I have to.” Derrick said.
“ I want to be with you again. But can we take things slow?” She asked.
“ Yeah, of course. I agree. So I’ll see you around six?”
“ Yeah, that sounds great. I’ll see you then.” Hilary said before she hung up, and walked back in by Sydney.
“ Who was that?” Sydney asked.
“ My boyfriend. We’re going out tonight.” Hilary said.
“ I didn’t know you had a boyfriend.” Sydney smiled.
“ Yeah, the day my mom died, he was over, meeting my parents and my mom was running late.”

Next up is a flash back to Alice's (Vaughn's Wife) Death.

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Hope you enjoy!!
Mar 11, 2003
It's really good to see that Syd and Hilary are getting along so well :D
She deserves some happiness after her mom's death

I can't wait to read the next chapter and read all about ALice

Great job sweetie :D
Aug 16, 2005
Okay so i'm feeling really nice and i know i won't have much time to post since i'm really busy so i'm posting as much of it as i can this weekend to keep people interested.

Chapter 4:


“ Derrick why are you so nervous?” Hilary tried to smile reassuringly.
“ I just want them to like me.” Derrick said.
“ They will I promise.” Hilary said as they walked into the house.
“ Hey, Hil, how was your day?” Michael asked his daughter.
“ It was good, dad this is my boyfriend Derrick.”
“ It’s nice to meet you Doctor Vaughn.” Derrick shook his hand.
“ It’s nice to meet you too.” Michael said as the phone started ringing. “ Excuse me.” Michael answered the phone.
“ Hil, that was your mom. She’s stuck in traffic. She’ll be home as soon as she can.”
“ Okay.” She said. They were in the living room talking, when the doorbell rang. Michael looked out the window and saw two policemen and went to the door. Hilary got up and went with him.
“ Dr. Vaughn, I need to talk to you.” The policeman said.
“ Okay,” Michael was confused.
“ You wife was in an accident. She didn’t make it. I’m sorry.” He told them.
“ What? I just talked to her. That’s impossible.” Michael was about to cry
“ Dad…” Hilary sunk down against the wall. Derrick just wrapped his arms around her know there was nothing else he could do or say. Hilary just sat there and cried into Derricks shoulder.
She stayed there, having cried herself to sleep until Michael whispered, “ Can you see if you can convince her to go to bed or at least somewhere else?”
“ Yeah,” He told Michael, “ Hil, come on I’m gonna take you up stairs.” He picked her up and carried her up stairs. He laid her on the bed. He was about to walk back downstairs when Hilary spoke.
“ Can you stay up here tonight? Please?” she asked.
“ Let me just go check on your dad. I’ll be right back.” He walked back downstairs. “ Dr. Vaughn, do you need anything?”
“ No, thank you Derrick.”
“ I also need to talk to you. Hilary wants me to spend the night here with her. I’ll sleep on the floor.” Derrick promised.
“ No you don’t have to. I know that nothing will happen I trust you. Thank you Derrick.” Michael tried to smile, but failed.
“ If you need anything…” Derrick told him. He went back upstairs and crawled into Hilary’s bed and wrapped his arms around her, letting her just cry into his chest. They stayed in that position and soon Hilary cried herself to sleep. Hilary found herself in the same position when she woke up the next morning. She slipped out of bed quietly and went down to the kitchen. She saw her dad down at the kitchen table, staring blankly into space. She had never seen her father look this bad.
“Dad…” Hilary was so broken.
“I know Hil.” He wrapped him arms around her, trying not to let her see him crying.
The next few days were very hard. Hilary and Michael didn’t leave the house and Derrick was always there trying to help them through this. Hilary didn’t really see any of her other friends. They all sort of stayed away because they didn’t know what to say to her.
The day of the funeral Hilary didn’t cry. She didn’t know why, She felt like there was nothing left to cry. Michael on the other hand was a wreck. He cried the most since the day Alice was in the accident.

A Short time later, Hilary had to return to school. She was glad no one brought up her mom. She knew if they did, she’d be in tears and didn’t want to be crying. She knew her mom would want her to. When she got home she locked herself in her room.

As the days and months went on, it did get easier. They would always miss Alice, but it seemed that Michael and Hilary had re-bonded and we close than ever. Michael some how managed to do everything that needed to be done plus work and tried to ask Hilary to help him as little as possible. Hilary realized she couldn’t date Derrick right now, she just couldn’t.
“ Derrick we need to talk.” She told him.
“ Okay, what’s going on?’ He asked a little worried.
“ I really like you and I want to be your girlfriend but with my mom and everything else I just can’t do this. And it wouldn’t be fair to lead you on.” Hilary was starting to cry.
“ Hil, don’t cry I get it. And, I’ll wait for you. No matter how long it takes, but in the mean time can we just be friends?” He asked.
“ Yeah, I’d like that.” Hilary gave a watery smile.


Jul 29, 2006
Hey this is so cool! And Derrick seems really sweet. . . I hope we get more interaction between him and Hillary in the coming chapters. . .
Aug 16, 2005
Chapter Four

Hilary and Sydney got home from their Manicures and Pedicures. She said hello to her dad and went to get ready for her date with Derrick since she only had and hour and a half to get ready. the doorbell rang and Michael answered it.

“Hi, Derrick, I want you to meet-“
“Sydney?” He interrupted.
Hilary walked downstairs, “What did I miss?”
“Nothing,” He smiled t her. “You ready?”
“Yep, bye dad.” They left and were driving for a while before Hilary spoke. “How do you know Sydney?”
“ My mom remarried her father last year. She hates my stepfather, my mom and me. I don’t see her much. I don’t really know her.”
“ I don’t get it. Why would she hate you?” Hilary asked.
“ When she was six her mom died in a car accident. Jack, her father was never around. He’s around a lot since he started dating my mom. Jack never was before. She hates him for it and I guess with that comes us.” He shrugged. “ I don’t know. I gave up trying to get her to like me.”
“ Oh, I’m sorry.” She told him.
“Don’t be. So what are you up to tomorrow?”
“ Volleyball game. felgercarb! I forgot to call my friend and see if they could give me a ride.”
“ I’ll take you. I want to see you play anyway.” He offered.
“ Thanks, but I have to be there like and hour early. You’d be bored.’ Hilary smiled.
“ No I won’t I can watch you guys warm up and stuff. This is like the biggest game. I can save your dad a seat then.” He told her.
“ He probably won’t come.”
“ What? Why?” Derrick asked.
“ To busy, always working. Volleyball was always my mom and me. We forced him to come to my grade school game and he was so bored.” Hilary explained the whole thing to him over dinner. and then they headed back home. Michael had called and asked Hilary what she was doing because Eric wanted them to come over for the hockey game tomorrow. They would go over at four after her game. When Derrick dropped her off, he talkedo Michael about coming to Hilary’s game. He said he would be there.
Aug 16, 2005
I just wanted to say thank you for reading and if you have anything you would like to see in this fic or have an idea for a fic that you don't want to write or don't have time for feel free to PM me or let me know here.

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Mar 11, 2003
Derrick is really sweet :D
I like him already..great character ;)
It was a nice twist in the story that Derrick and Sydney know each other.
I really can't wait to

Great job sweetie