The Amazing Adventures of Captain Quasar!

Jan 28, 2014

Hey guys!

Firstly, let me just state for the record, I don't want your money, I'm not here to get funded on kickstarter, I'm not here to beg for your skills for free, I'm not here for any kind of profit or exploitation, so don't worry. I'm here for the simple fact of making you laugh! And hopefully I can do that, by spreading the word about our brand new webseries, The Amazing Adventures of Captain Quasar!

Captain Quasar is a retro-themed, B-movie spoof, science fiction parody, which draws influence from both the very best and tragically very worst science fiction from yesteryear, all while blending it with today's adult and surreal, slapstick humour!

It serves as a tribute to both the finest and most embarrassing moments in sci-fi history, drawing its main influence from Star Trek, as well as everything from Flash Gordon to Lost in Space, and using inspiration from such comedy classics as The Naked Gun to American Dad!

While revolutionary at the time, watching old science fiction in today's digital age is often laughable, and that's the angle we're taking with Captain Quasar, poking fun at just how bad sci-fi can truly be sometimes, yet at the same time paying sincere homage to what got us here.

We premiered the very first episode on the big screen in my very own home town last October, and the regional press even did a feature article on the show, as can be found here...

I make no profit from the show whatsoever, the premier was free to attend, and we played to a standing ovation! This is purely a project born out of love, we had a great time doing it, and now I want to share that love with fellow sci-fi fans like you guys here!

If you fancy giving it a watch, you can find the first part of Episode One right HERE.

So from one sci-fi buff to many others, if you do me the courtesy of checking it out, then from the bottom of my heart I sincerely hope you enjoy the show, and here's to many others!

I'd like to thank you for your time guys., and wish you all the best. Live long and prosper!

- Buckdawg
Jan 28, 2014
I like how you guys/gals committed to the B&W 'grainy' film feel. :cool:
It was a conscious decision to do so since the very beginning. It had to match the look and feel of the very era we were spoofing! The plan though is that as the show evolves and the seasons go by, to encapsulate each decade of sci-fi along the way, being a mirror to the continued development of the genre itself. Eventually, we'll be in colour, the effects will be CGI, etc. At least that's the plan anyway, lol, lord knows if we'll make it that far!

Thank you for watching Kevin, means a lot, and I hope you enjoyed it. :)


Code Monkey
Staff member
Mar 20, 2004
That sounds like a pretty cool plan of having the series move through time with the quality of the videos getting better along the way.
Jan 28, 2014
That sounds like a pretty cool plan of having the series move through time with the quality of the videos getting better along the way.
Thanks Kevin. Yeh that's the idea, so the first few episodes are SUPPOSED to look bad, capturing the feel of the 30's-50's, in the 60's - 70's era we'll all have sideburns, moustaches and wear spandex, lol! The 80's will have stop motion effects and big hair, the 90's reliance on crappy CGI characters and intentionally odd designs, and the 00's to now a lens flare CGI fest, so eventually we'll be bang up to date with a modern day look and feel, with just the comedy element being our signature.

All this plays out as we borrow elements from the best stories from each respective decade to make up that set of episodes, be it film, tv, comic or novel, all within our own world and characters.

At least, that's the plan anyway. Making it happen might be a tad trickier, lol!
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