The Atlantean Chronicles

OK Kip. Sent to my Kindle. Will comment after reading. I have 6 books in queue so it may be a while! Congrats on your book. Your note was moving and I can relate to your feelings. Your father is likely very proud!
Thanks Miramanee,

I truly hope you enjoy the book, and thank you for the kind words. Had the wierdest dream today (took a nap), I was back fifteen years ago in the hospital taking down the notes of the story as he recited them to me. Look me up and friend me on facebook. Kip Hartzell Las Vegas Nv.


A review: The Atlantean Chronicles

I have read this entertaining book twice and will likely do so again. The Atlantean Chronicles is a fascinating read that explores the "what ifs" of the ancient mystery of Atlantis and it's peoples. While many theories have surfaced, the Atlantean Chronicles takes the reader in a new direction, spanning centuries of achievements and struggles.

There is something for every kind of science fiction fan in this novel. The character development is well done, with the twists and turns in relationships that keep the reader engaged. Political struggle and action scenes will appeal to those most drawn to the space battle genre. And for those who appreciate the unexpected, this book ends with a wonderfully shocking reveal.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of this story is the background provided by the author. See The Atlantean Chronicles (In The Beginning Book 1) eBook: Hartzell, Kip, DeHay, Thomas: Kindle Store. If this link does not work go to Amazon and search for the novel in the Kindle store. Read the author's note and decide for yourself. This note drew me in; the novel did not disappoint. I recommend this book to all who believe in infinite possibilities.