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  • Movies

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  • Music

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  • Figurines

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  • Games

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  • Sports

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I tend to collect 'gadgets' from movies and, from when I was younger, I have a pretty good comic collection yet as well. I like going for the oddball & weird things.
I used to collect fireworks, but I accidentaly caused my neighbor's carpet to... um... burn.

Other than that, movies for sure. I have 200-something, mostly sci fi-dramas, action, and 'other' ;)

Oh, and hippie s**t. Like incense and the likes.
I see that it seems to depend on the Collector, some people here say drink and others say store. Now I can see the positive to drinking and collecting.
Just went to SD comic-con this past weekend and there was lots of cool collectible stuff for sale and on display. I like the original props the most from old films and the hot promo chicks. The coolest combo was the babes promoting Piranha 3D called "The Wild Wild Girls". I just saw the trailer and its the same director as the Hills Have Eyes remake.

Here are the pics from comic con. EPIC. The cast of the movie came out to play also.
I have a fairly large Movie/TV Series collection. I used to collect comic books but they are way too expensive for new issues now. I have some Star Trek related books & trading card sets & about a dozen or so Trade Paperbacks, but that's about it.
i have to say movies.

although i will not collect for collectings sake, i only have films i love; i could of got all of the star trek films to complete my collection, but, pointless realy as i only like a few of them
I've got an extensive collection of SCIFI movies and some horror movies mixed in. I still have my comic book collection from when I was a kid/teenager, nothing of any real value.....unfortunately.
Since, I am very inclined to music, music sci-fi is my collections from the day that I loved to collect with. As well, as games for more lively outlook. I just stick to 1 or 2 collections because I don't my room looks storage of my collections.
I mainly collect star wars items figures, cards, etc I do have a diecast uss enterprise which is really cool.

I do have a few figures which are pretty decent and some which are rare I also have a few force fx sabers, master replica mini weapons

But I think my fav is my full size vader halmet made by don post from the 80's