The Dark Side Of Disclosure

Since getting a windoze 10 computer, I realize its not just the government that is in your business.
It took me a few weeks to get this OS out of invasion of privacy mode.

Nearly ANYTHING now days with a wired or wireless internet connection is tracking your private life. You phone, your car, your computer, your smart tv, your games system and possibly your house or appliances. Plus, with data sharing and data mining, not just one entity but potentially all entities.

With GPS and the fact most people carry their phones everywhere, anyone can track your movements in precision. Any video you take has background information and random people which can be intercepted and that info used to track you you are with, when, for how long and what you say to each other.

Plus, what gets me is most people call it a 'benefit' and never realize they are forfeiting their privacy to 'the man'.
one of the armys secret programs now against activists uses AI, lots of cams, and directed energy weapons auto tracked to movements around an area....very expensive, but they have all our is more dark side disclosure, i cannot vouch for this timeline, its just one of the things i colllected, and some of the stuff is true i know....some is beyond even me, this person was highly informed....i thnk the source is jewish there is a definite coloring in the observation.......b
1943 Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen infiltrates Soviet intelligence and forms partnership with Allen Dulles; head of American CIA. Reichsfurher SS Heinrich Himmler is charged with applying Steiner's "pest control" methods to the Jewish Race and begins injecting Buchenwald inmates with potentised ashes of testicles, spleens and skin from young Jewish males. SS scatters potentised ashes from crematoriums across Germany. Maison Rouge NAZI High Command bails Projects Sunrise, Overcast and Paperclip attempt to extract Nazi assets; Intelligence, V-2 engineers, etc., before the Soviets. Rainbow/Phoenix/ Montauk 1945 World War 2 ends with geographic defeat of Axis powers and panic exodus of high proportion of remaining Jews from continent. Crew-carrying "Kugelblitz" flies from Thuringia. Kugelblitz engines were extracted and ship destroyed by SS. Scientists, plans and engines were shipped to Antarctica, where Fourth Reich White Wolves regroup. Allied Forces recover Spear of Longinus. General George C. Patton breaks spearhead down to component pieces. Gourd Of Ashes / New Mexico. (res nullius) After refusing two formal surrender offers by the Japanese government, The United States becomes the modern first nation to use a nuclear weapon against another. Atomic Age begins. New World / ORDER 1946 Babalon Working CIA/ODESSA set up by Reinhard Gehlen who already has Soviet agent network in place. General Dwight D. Eisenhower orders Spear of Longinus returned to Austria. 1947 First U.S. overflights of German saucers (Mt. Rainier). National Security Act. Magdalena / Roswell saucer crashes. President Truman forms MAJIC-12. Project Sign established to investigate disc capabilities. Navy Auxiliary Field at Groom Lake designated test site. 50% of CIA is composed of ex-SS Intelligence. Death of Aleister Crowley 1948 Aztec saucer crash. Laredo saucer crash. Project Sign prepares Top Secret overview of Alien situation (Air Intelligence Report 100-203-79). Project Sign redesignated Project Grudge / Blue Book in face of hostile Alien air superiority. Rockefellers finance Lientief Matrix research. 1949 S-4 (Saucer Flats) construction begins at Groom Lake. CIA act of 1949 enables CIA to function outside the law in order to keep UFO problem from general public. CIA office of Scientific Intelligence takes over review of civilian sighting reports in order to determine scale of suppression effort. Three consignments of documents, reports and Uranium chemicals are transferred to the Soviets by FDR under the Lend Lease program as part of FDR's decision to share nuclear technology with the Soviet Union. Soviets explode nuclear device. Air Force begins financing of Lientief Matrix. Birth of Tycho Zann Captain Clear Light starts college House Of Mica / New York City 1950 Rosenburgs charged with espionage and executed in order to cover up covert technology exchange. Internal Security Act authorizes U.S. detention camps. 1951 Project Redlight attempts to test fly recovered discs. 100 million doses of LSD ordered from Sandoz Laboratories by Allen Dulles. 1952 White Wolves show of force over Washington D.C prompts CIA to take over all future UFO investigations National Security Agency (NSA) formed. NSA exists beyond any law that does not specifically mention NSA in it. ABOVE TOP SECRET Government meets in Geneva, Switzerland. Defense Industrial Security Command (DISCO) formed. Allen Dulles and Reinhard Gehlen are dubbed Knights of Malta by the Vatican. 1953 Air Force Regulation 200-2 issued making it illegal for servicemen to talk about UFO's. Thomas Townsend Brown's Electro-Gravitic project taken over by the U.S. Air Force. Work continues at Wright/Patterson AFB. Dwight D. Eisenhower elected President of United States. "Who's the first President YOU can remember?" Project Sigma established to intercept and decrypt Alien communications. Project Plato established to attempt diplomatic relations as prelude to negotiations with Aliens. Project Pounce establishes general processes for Alien disc and occupant recovery. Pleiadians contact U.S. government and warn against dealing with the Reticulans (Greys). Government ignores warning and opts for pending treaty; mind control, beam weaponry and gravitational control for continued government silence concerning Alien abductions and human/cattle mutilations. Allen Dulles approves MKDELTA & MKULTRA. Astronomers discover large object entering Solar System at -65 deg declination and with a perhelion between Mars and Jupiter; under its own power, and emitting communication signals. U.S. Air Force discovers huge orbiting Alien craft. Joint Chiefs of Staff issue Navy/Air Force publication 146, making it illegal to release unauthorized UFO reports. 1954 President Eisenhower views alien craft and occupants at Muroc AFB, California. Round Two 1955 Eisenhower Administration realizes that Greys have broken treaty and are abducting far more people than reported, including large numbers of children. Project WATT DOG 1956 Alien derived mind control experiments approved on prisoners in United States. 1957 2nd deal cut with Greys at Muroc: Underground Bases for Alien technology. Projects Plowshare and Gasbuggy; stimulation of natural gas production through underground nuclear explosions, begins near Dulce, New Mexico. DREAMLAND constructed adjacent to S-4. Russia launches Sputnik 1. Club of Rome develops adaptive model for New World Order w/ 10 region World Government: Alternative 1/ Status Quo w/ possible repair of global problems. Alternative 2 / Underground facilities to insure global elite. Alternative 3 / Migration to other planets. Alternatives 2&3 chosen. 1958 Never A Straight Answer NASA Charter allows public inspection of data except: A/ information authorized or required by Federal statute to be witheld B/ information classified to protect the national security Brookings Report commissioned by NASA "Artifacts left at some point in time by life-forms might possibly be discovered through our future space activities on the Moon, Mars, or Venus." Project Argus begins to detonate nuclear devices in space in order to surround planet with artificial radiation belt. Hail ERIS! 1959 Rand Corporation symposium on Deep Underground Construction. 1960 Eichmann SPECIAL Hertz (Hz) "officially" replaces cps (cycles per second). X-20 Dyna-Soar cancelled SETI 1961 Eisenhower gives farewell address and warns of growing Military Industrial Complex. John F. Kennedy is elected President of U.S., and vows to expose truth about secret treaty with Greys, print money based on silver standard, and dismantle CIA. 1962 "Starfish"; Project Argus detonation 200km above Johnston Island in the Pacific. Soviets explode 3 nuclear devices over Siberia. Slavery officially abandoned 1963 First documented return of abductee from joint CIA/Alien underground base / breeding facilities at Dulce, NM. Kennedy issues ultimatum to MAJIC-12. Kennedy assassinated with CIA weapon & shellfish poison. 1964 Journey interrupted! NATO/SHAPE document (COSMIC TOP SECRET), subtitled "An Evaluation of a Possible Military Threat to Allied Forces in Europe", describes four different alien races after continued overflights by UFO's nearly triggers WWIII. 30 meter disk crashes near the Baltic Sea. 12 alien occupants recovered. Three saucers land at Holloman AFB. Members of the CIA and Project Plato meet with Greys, in hopes of renewing treaty and buying time until Alien solution can be found. 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act. 1966 Death Of Disney Condon Committee announces UFO's don't exist. SR-71 flies from Area 51. Cheyenne Mountain / NORAD becomes operational. Tunnels are discovered linking corporations in the western states to secret underground facilities. Freedom of Information Act. Extrication of over 30,000 formerly TOP SECRET UFO documents previously said not to exist, begins. 1967 Summer Of Love Large shipment of gold leaves Fort Knox. Department Of Defense locks in "2 digit" as opposed to "4 digit" COBOL code guaranteeing "Millenium Bug" crisis 33 years later 1968 2001: A Space Odyssey Alternative 3 goes wide. Nazgul busted at La Jolla Love-in The Whole World's Watching 1969 The View Over Atlantis Apollo 11. Televised U.S. landing on moon. ET Exposure Law passed. Under Title 14 / Section 1211, civilians can be held indefinitely after contact w/ UFO's. Air Force announces closing of Project Blue Book. Round Three 1970 AIDS virus is funded with $10 million dollars obtained by the U.S. Defense Department (House Bill 15090). AIDS virus is created at Fort George Meade through the Department of the Army and Navy. Dead Sea scrolls translated. Only 200 individuals allowed access to translation which details drug-induced visions of Essene Initiates and their access to Akashic Records. 3 large cigar shaped craft are sighted on the floor of the Archimedes crater. CIA's MKULTRA mind control program still active. 1971 Experiments done on time-shifted magnetic fields. WITCHCREEK / Salk Institute Music For All and None Actual detonation of nuclear device inside a time-shifted magnetic field sends nuclear explosion into alternate time. 1972 Light / Release AIDS virus is introduced in African smallpox vaccine. Contact 1973 Tri-lateral Commission formed. Implantation of police prisoners with monitoring devices (20mm brain transmitters) is legalized in Sweden. High-Energy Laser weapon test at Kirkland AFB "Peace Through Light" Lientief gets UN grant from the Netherlands to automate the world economy. Dismantled Spear of Longinus back on display at Hofburg. 1974 Large numbers of cattle mutilations reported in Texas. 1975 Illuminatus! "They're immanetizing the Eschaton!" Nine Day King Project Gabriel / JOSHUA develops sonic weapon for use against Aliens. Semjase 1976 Viking mission "discovers" Cydonia region and MARSFACE. ART PUNK Zann @ ABEL's NSA directive 4A authorizes covert psychological activities against American citizens. Massive cattle mutilations around Dulce, New Mexico. Illuminati Bi-Centennial. Zap Gap 1977 CE3K COSMIC TOP SECRET Treaty revealed to public 1978 Operation Trojan Horse / MKNAOMI; over 2,000 young white homosexual males are given AIDS laced Hepatitis B vaccine through the Centers for Disease control and the New York BloodCenter. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is created. Cattle mutilations accelerate. Alien base in San Luis Valley re-activated. Ute Indians receive all territory along border between Colorado and New Mexico in exchange for enforcing strict "No Trespassing" laws; illegal to cross Ute reservation without permission from tribal council. 1979 Scalar Weaponry tests at Sary Shagan 1st raid on Dulce Base. 44 scientists held hostage and 60 Delta security force soldiers die in hostile exchange. STARTWRECK FLYBY / BLACK BOOK 1st GIFT given (Kubrick Deadline) TERMINAL BAND 1980 Pleiadians return to warn of impending event on the Event Clock... E.T. / Zuma High Tech Graphics / ALX SWIFTKICK STUDIOS 1981 1/1/1 Ronald Reagan Becomes President of United States and changes the "Air Defense" in NORAD, to "Aerospace Defense". ABEL 2 Zann @ Meteor Crater The Opening Of The Way FXBT DOWN TRON / STEALTH FILM 1982 1st operational Stealth fighter flies out of AREA 51. Early Teachings Seven Thunders E.T.; The Extra-Terrestrial EBE phone home Thunderworlds Tour 1983 HERO FILM GROUP Ronald Reagan delivers "Star Wars" speech. Colorado Advanced Technology Institute created. FRANKENFOODS Existence of FEMA's "Defense Resources Act"; with provisions to suspend the Bill Of Rights, abolish free enterprise and eliminate privately owned property, is discovered. Hoagland / Zann meet 1984 FIRST CLASS YOGA "Case For Mars" / Mars Investigation Group (MIG) FEMA conducts Rex-84 exercise to determine governments ability to detain and handle large numbers of people in event of defense emergency or National crisis. Soviet researcher "Vladimir Avinsky" claims discovery of Martian Sphinx at Cydonian Plateau. Old Lies For New UFO "lands" during Olympic finale. HIT SINGLE / Volumicon 8 track DEMO FILM CAN left in Meteor Crater. (Orwell Deadline) 2nd GIFT given / Tales Of The Va Jra Mer (How can you take what is already yours?) 1985 End Tribe / Secret Kachina Mikhail Gorbachev begins dismantling of Soviet Union. Lawrence Livermore Labs begin to ship artificial blood to Dulce Labs. Cattle mutilations drop off in Midwest. Aries properties acquires 21,000 acres outside of Colorado Springs for future Space Technology Center. President Reagan mentions Alien threat in speech to high school students. Need Another Seven Astronauts Destruction of Earth's ozone layer begins 1987 MISSING MAN / Colorado Springs Don't give up on BACKLIT! Trapper / Harmonic Convergence 23,000 Skidoo 102 operable nuclear facilities in United States. SDI budget at $4.2 billion. DOD funds 75% of all Federal R&D. Reagan repeats Alien threat in address to United Nations. Dulce Papers released. "MONUMENTS OF MARS" published. National Research Council calls for immediate effort to develop genetic linkage map as first goal of Human Genome Project in order to counter embedded alien control (genetic programming of human need for Love, Power, Freedom, and Pleasure) Request for Human fetuses from Parkinson Institute. Underground Radio-Electronic Warfare lab completed at Krasnoyarsk. Patent Pending ULTIMATION / CSFX Project TAYKOM begun. 1988 CIA exposed as one of the world's biggest purchaser of Heroin and Cocaine. Funds created by the Agency, finance covert / Black projects which require large amounts of extra-legal money. "Signs Of Life" / Centeradio George Bush; ex-director of CIA, becomes President of U.S. Bush proposes converting old military bases to prisons and announces "War On Drugs". Public Law 100-690 / HR 5210 (Anti-Drug Abuse Act) suspends Bill Of Rights by instituting: 1/ Automated Border Control 2/ Investigative Powers Of Postal Service Personnel Subtitle H / Sec. 6251 empowers Postal employees: A/ To serve warrants & subpoenas B/ To make arrests without warrant C/ Carry firearms D/ Seize property Strecher memorandum documents AIDS creation as intentional retrovirus, made from Bovine Leukemia Virus and sheep visna virus. Joint CIA/Alien base off Florida coast reactivated. Gulf Breeze sightings begin. Elementary and Secondary Integrated Data System (ESIDS) brought on line in Brussels, Belgium. Anti-matter weapon developed at Los Alamos for use as last resort against Greys (80% population sacrifice). Grey population estimated at 20 million.
I was able to read about 4 lines until I lost interest.

Perhaps you should look into using paragraph and composition. Line breaks are your friend.
Your post looks like one long yak with no time to even take a breath.
Sorry, can't read it cause I lost interest.
it had line breaks! but when i posted it came out like that....i went and checked on that stuff and about half is stuff i havent heard....i dont know about the greys eithers, i think streiber might be right and its some sort of mass psychosis/hallucination....i have never seen one, but its well known i am a second amendment advocate, and i am sure those things take bullets like everything else, splat...this is just a record someone can copy and do the thing if they need it, some of it is leaks, about the bases....b


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