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The End of an Era

Discussion in 'Open Chat' started by Tom, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Tom

    Tom An Old Friend

    Dec 6, 2004
    Gulf Coast
    A Playlist - right now

    Don't Even Know I'm Alive by Shadow King.flv_000000000.ogg
    Train - Free.ogg
    Lost in the Shadows by Lou Gramm.flv_000000000.ogg
    Echo n Bunnymen - Lips Like Sugar.ogg
    UFO Love Deadly Love.flv_000000000.ogg

    More to follow

    It my daughters 18th birthday party

    Party on!

    I'm free!
    My LEGAL obligation is over
    My MORAL obligation, however, will extend for years...

    Its been 24 years. A life of bustin *** to keep a family. Responsibility for lives other than mine.
    Worry, overpowering love, sadness, fantastic joy, pride beyond measure, shame in secret places, togetherness, those quiet moments and the full blown bashes.
    The house will be empty, its a rental. I don't need the bills that go with it. A nice efficiency apt with everything included. Quiet, Seclusion, reflection, peaceful memories, time with my wife (I can stay naked if I want!).

    Its been a lifetime and I put everything I had into it. My children have made me proud in the choices they make. Their compassion for others and their understanding of others faults. If I feel I succeeded in bringing up my family, who else really needs to care?

    Time for me again, Thank you God, I survived.
    I will put away those sacrifices I got used to making. I will become my own person again. Hopefully my wife will still see something in that person after all this time. Time to explore all those things that were not possible when I started this 'family' thing. JUST NEED THE MONEY - LOL

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