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Title: The Killer (2023)

Tagline: Execution is everything.

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Director: David Fincher

Cast: Michael Fassbender, Tilda Swinton, Charles Parnell, Arliss Howard, Kerry O'Malley, Sophie Charlotte, Emiliano Pernia, Gabriel Polanco, Sala Baker, Endre Hules, Bernard Bygott, Monique Ganderton, Daran Norris, Nikki Dixon, Paloma Palacio Colon, Lía Lockhart, Arturo Duvergé, Génesis Estévez, Leroy Edwards III, Kellan Rhude, Sacha Beaubier, Branden Mitch, Brandon Morales, Kyrstal Ortiz, Erik Hellman, Carlos Rogelio Diaz, Ilyssa Fradin, Julia Rowley, Jack Kesy, Eric Tolzmann, Jirus Tillman, Kev Morris Sr., Brett C. Johnson, Tariq Azikiue, Jérôme Keen, Stéphane Vasseur, François Patissier, Dzianis Chpoutalau, Cécile Coves, Claire Patronikn, Lila Espinasse, Sara Mezouar, Zacharia Mezouar, Marie Bessière, Nino Viard, Antoine Matichard, Anna Cosmao, Alexandra Holzhammer

Release: 2023-10-25

Runtime: 118

Plot: After a fateful near-miss, an assassin battles his employers, and himself, on an international manhunt he insists isn't personal.
The Killer (2023)

I was a little disappointed in this one. I watched the whole thing, mind you, but still disappointed. I like a good drama with some action and the Netflix blurb for this one sounded good at least. And it was a good movie, just not an entertaining one.

Avoid for now to avoid any spoilers.....

This movie is something that has been seen many, many times before: A person who makes their living doing very bad things until they become the target of who they work for and turns against them. In this case the person is a professional hitman who turns against his employer. That's not exactly breaking any new ground in regards to a story line. What makes this movie just slightly different from the many others is that usually the bad person turns against their employer when they realize that they are on the wrong side and they try to redeem themselves. Not this time. This time the person makes a mistake on a job and turns against his employers because, in order to clean up after his mistake, they put a kill contract out on him. And that's about it. No redemption, no change of heart, he's a professional killer who starts out that way, kills his employer and those his employer they hired after he makes a mistake, and remains the same as when the movie started. The viewer has no reason to care for the character at the start of the movie and still no reason by the end of it. If anything I ended up a bit disappointed that the character ended up alive in the end because along the way he had no problem killing any bystanders like Leo, the cab driver. With the movie's final scene my response was along the lines "What, that's it?🤔".

But... it is a well made movie. Great visuals and and at times the main characters voice-over narration is enough to keep you watching just to hear more of their thoughts. For fans of violent action scenes, you'll get plenty to fill the time. Unfortunately the anticipated character development never arrives.

So, yeah, it's a good movie, just not an entertaining one.

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