Sci-Fi The Last of Us


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Title: The Last of Us

Genre: Drama

First aired: 2023-01-15

Creator: Craig Mazin, Neil Druckmann

Cast: Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey

Overview: Twenty years after modern civilization has been destroyed, Joel, a hardened survivor, is hired to smuggle Ellie, a 14-year-old girl, out of an oppressive quarantine zone. What starts as a small job soon becomes a brutal, heartbreaking journey, as they both must traverse the United States and depend on each other for survival.
The Last of Us

Watched this with my gf. (2 night binge) She loved it, I thought it was good too.

I love monsters!
The fungus infected are cool looking but remind me of zombies.
The post apocalyptic setting looks pretty well done and the backstory segments work pretty well.

I'm not going into much detail because nearly everything that happens is important to the story.
There's still some cookie cutter stuff (I don't think they will green-light anything that doesn't follow their idea of what a show needs to make money.
But, its obvious someone put a lot of effort into writing the story.

There is a video game...
You can buy part 1 from steam but...
This game only supports Japanese interface/voice for customers in Japan.

Season Two has been confirmed
I have a feeling I know where season 2 is going.
I could make some predictions but that will give away season 1 story.

Okay, so...
I liked Joel (Pedro Pascal). He reminded me of another actor I tend to like.
His (Joel's) personality is well-fleshed. A survivor tormented from the stress and responsibility.
He's a contrast you don't see much in a hero. Pedro plays it well.

Ellie (Bella Ramsey) is a bit on the 'unlikely' side.
Way too wise for her age and the backstory segments don't sufficiently support it.
Don't get me wrong, Bella does an excellent job with her role and balances well against Joel.
The contrast between the two is me.
A young girl with a secret in a hostile world keeps that secret too easily.
Most of the interaction between Ellie and Joel make me think perhaps Joel should be following her lead instead of the other way around. But, as smart as she is, she relinquished her authority to Joel... a lil too easily.

I liked Tess (Anna Torv).
Her character 'looked and acted' right for the pretense of the show.
She's smart and can defend herself.

One of the backstories covers a gay couple. How come every TV show these days has gay/lesbian couples?
The gay element did nothing significant to the backstory and the backstory would have been just as effective without the gay element. This is industry cookie cuttering.
One thing which really stood out in this backstory is the survivalist methods.
Granted, a bit over-the-top but possible.
The 'current time' segment (from the back-story's support) also makes no sense. Just way too many resources to leave behind.
Unless in season 2 those resources are revisited...

Ellie's secret also comes to a possible end but with some actual creative writing it could remain pertinent in season 2. If season 2 plays out as I imagine, I'm not sure where a third season could go?
But then...look at The Walking Dead. HBO might be looking to tap AMC's formula?

One thing I seriously DID NOT LIKE is the societies' mentality. It makes absolutely no sense for a post apocalyptic world. Why does every post apocalyptic scenario need hostile survivor groups?
I might be able to see it occasionally, if resources are scarce but nearly all the groups they encounter have resources. Its like people just suddenly decided to turn hostile towards one another.
Its in every post apoc/survival show and movie I see.

All in all tho, I want to see what they come up with for season 2.
If ya get a chance, check it out.
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