Dec 3, 2003
Porto, Portugal

Enrique Iglesias featuring Kelis

Directed by Who cares??

Great song. Pretty pleasant. Again, a bone-shaker. Very Enrique’s. But Kelis was a pretty good surprise. Since that very very inappropriate and nasty “Milkshake” I was all like: yeah, another candidate to the “Biggest Wh*re” prize -- where Britney was winning by the way -- but the girl can really sing. And what a nice change of looks. Clothes that actually fit, combed hair, shinning make-up.

So, they’re in a club. Enrique and his mole look already pretty much drunk in the beginning of the music, so he’s just hallucinating during the whole thing. I tell you, I’m so sick of that same facial expression of his while he’s doing the playback, cause if he was really singing he would had to actually move his lips and face muscles, instead of he just stays there and looks constipated. It’s like he’s in a constant pain .

Anyway, he passes all night saying this very very anorexic blonde he’s not in love, but the girl is not a quiter. Then he sees Kelis in a very red and look alike Kylie Minogue’s in “Red Blooded Women” dress, and I guess he changes his mind. Yeah she rules.

I get some “Could I Have This Kiss Forever” music video flashbacks while watching this one. Again.Who cares.

Be good. :P
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