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Season 2 Thoughts on Phase One

Discussion in 'Alias' started by AshXF, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. AshXF

    AshXF Scout

    Jan 27, 2003
    WARNING, SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    OK, then, you asked for it.

    HOLY FLERKING SCHNITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I watched X-Files for all 9 years religiously and mabye three eps out of all of them every slammed me the way last night's Alias ep did. After it was finished, I actually sat there stunned staring at my wall for a half hour. I'm not kidding. And then when I finally got to sleep, I actually had dreams about the ep and characters. And yes I DO have a life. :D

    The Alias writers must have decided to try the shock factor, judging from the last episode and last night's ep. That was worth suffering through hours of mindless football waiting!


    1)Syd:"What was wrong with the black one? Do you know how difficult it is to wear these clothes?"

    I laughed my butt off! And the entire time Vaughn and Weiss are watching through cameras as Syd first seduces then trounces the bad guy on the plane.

    2) Loved poor Vaughn's reaction to the guy all over Syd, he SO wanted to kill that guy! Thought Weiss was going to have to tie him down! And the look of pure joy on the boys' faces watching Syd beat the felgercarb out of the bad guy was priceless!

    3) The flirting corner! OK, apparently last episode's dinner really affecting Sydney and Vaughn! And why not? She basically told him she'd go to bed with him, and they were about 5 seconds away from heading upstairs and doing just that before the bad guys come busting in shooting up the place. Now we have the two of them nipping off into a corner and Vaughn admitting he's got the friskies for Sydney.=) And apparently Syd's mommy Irina was right, he has trouble sleeping when Syd's on a mission. How the hell did she know that? I know he talked to her, but like Syd said before, I doubt Vaughn would tell irina Derevko he doesn't sleep when Syd's out in the feild. The woman must really have been perceptive.

    4) SD-6 and the Alliance finally gets the boot up the butt!!!!!!!! Take that you buttwipes! OK, now what? With the Alliance in disarray, does Syd no longer have to lie about being a CIA agent? Are they going after K-Directorate now?

    5) Rutger Hauer was a good bad guy, wish he had been develpoed more. Kudos to Jack for holding out against the torture!

    6) Syd's desperation to save her father leads her to revealing the truth to Dixon about SD-6. In hindsight, it might have been better to tell him sooner but they ran out of time. I might have done it a tad more diplomatically too, but Syd had little time before jack either caved in or was killed. Poor Dixon, calling his wife and trying to decide whether or not to send the email. How tortured he must have been.

    7) A watched phone never rings, and with half the CIA watching Syd's email box, I honestly thought Dixon wouldn't email! Talk about suspense!

    8) Globally synchronized rear-kicking! EXCELLENT! All the good agents storm the SD cells in unison, sweet! Totally excellent! Poor Dixon and Marshall, hope they aren't detained too long.

    9) Syd's rescue of her father! Totally cool! And Jack's "I'm ok sweetheart." Awwwwww, she's a big bad spy who just shot up the place and Jack's tied to a chair after being tortured and he can still comfort his daughter when she cries seeing him like that. :D

    10) THE KISS!!!!!!!!!!! That was remeniscent of Kevin Costner's Robin Hood after rescuing Marian! Major kiss in the midst of a battle scene! Syd and Vaughn lit up the screen with that first 90 second liplock! And Weiss coming up and going "Hey guys? GUYS! Hello?" Too funny! They never blinked. (I think, was kinda hard to tell) Thank god Jack didn't see that!

    11) The KISS 2. Will and Francie! hoooyah!!!!! that was good!

    12) Francie! The final scene stunned me right off the bed onto the floor and I didn't move for 10 mintues! Francie shot in the head in her restaurant by what appears to be her clone or double who will take her place. Francie's dead. :cry: And nobody knows it yet. And where is WILL?? Sydney told him to take Francie and get out of town! IS he dead too? If not where is he?

    13) Sloane and Sark! I shouldn't have been surprised after last ep learingin Emily Sloane was still alive and Arvin Sloane had not only played the Alliance and stolen from them, but faked his wife's death. Now he's orchestrated the entire takedown of the Alliance? And he KNEW JACK AND SYD WERE CIA??? He set the whole thing up??? My god the man is good! Totally abhorrant Class-A @$$-hole but GOOD!

    14) Ok I know Lena Olin only was contracted through 16 eps out of 22 this season but where was Irina in all this? Wouldn't she want to know about her daughter taking down the alliance? Wouldn't she be mildly interested that her (ex?)husband was being tortured and soon to be executed? (are they ex yet?) Wouldn't someone have at least MENTIONED to her what was going on? She was so picotal in minor operations before, something major like this she's left out of? She and Jack both theorized that Sloane set up the whole Emily thing, her insight on Sloane's possibly orchestrating last night's events might be helpful.


    So now what? Sydney is free of the Alliance. She and Vaughn have kissed and it's going from there. Dixon knows the truth. now some things to consider:

    Francie is now dead and no one knows it. She has been replaced by a clone or double by Sloane and Sark, which means this has been in the works for a long time. What will (evil) Francie do to Syd now? Spy yes, but what else? What does Sloane have in store for the Bristows through this new, er, agent?

    The Alliance is gone, and the only one left standing is Sloane with Sark's help. We know Sark had taken over Irina's network. Does this mean Sloane now co-runs or runs Irina's network too?

    Has everyone forgotten the Prophecy which said Irina would bring forth Rambaldi's works and cause desolation to the greatest power? Interesting, that she would turn herself into the CIA as Sark joins SD-6, now the Alliance is down and the only ones still left are K-Directorate and Irina's group. I know from upcoming spoilers that Sloane will try and have the Rambaldi artifacts pieced together in upcoming episodes. It seems that Sloane is the one fullfilling the prophecy, not Irina. Bringing down the powerful Alliance and piecing together Rambaldi's works? Sark, Irina's errand boy, joined up with Sloane right as all this comes down.

    My theory is Irina could be behind most of this. Just as Sloane played the Alliance and the Bristows, so Irina is playing Sloane, through Sark. Now the greatest power (Alliance) is down and destroyed, and Rambaldi's works will be assembled in upcoming eps. All of this done by Sloane and Sark, whom I believe had, as Jack suggested to irina, coordinated efforts together with her to infiltrate the CIA and SD-6 simultaneously.

    Remember, rambaldi has never been wrong. That means that, as the prophecy says, there will be a "vulgar cost" to preventing this terrible stuff from happening. However, the prophecy also says that Irina will never see Mt. Sebascio. That's how Sydney got the focus off of herself when everyone thought SHE was the one in the prophecy. By climbing up the mountain and seeing it, everyone knew then that Sydney was not the woman in the picture, her mother was. Why doesn't the CIA load Irina up on a plane and fly her to the damn mountain? They let her go to Kashmir supervised only by Jack and Sydney.

    If Irina is behind all this, it means she had her daughter's best friend killed and cloned. If that's true after all the times she seems to want to make up to Jack and Sydney and bond with them, I'd say the woman can't be human. She's already outdone herself by marrying Jack to spy on him, for ten years pretending to be a loving wife and mother, then faking her death and disappearing for 20 years to run a global crime organization.

    This show is making my head hurt!

    But damn what a rush! Great ep last night! Must watch again!

  2. aliaslover4ever

    aliaslover4ever Cadet

    Jan 27, 2003
    Harford County, Maryland
    Don't forget! Not only can the evil Francie now spy on Sydney, but just before she got shot, the real Francie made out with Will! If Will doesn't realize that it's a different Francie, he could keep going with the relationship. If they really get into it, he could start to think he can trust her and tell her everything! As far as I know, no one other than the good guys know that Will is in on this, but if he tells evil Francie, well, basically, he's screwed! AHHH! That would suck. It's bad enough Francie's dead, she was completely 110% innocent! But if they get rid of Will, ima cry. Definitely. I can not wait for next weeks ep! :unsure:
    ~Lauren~ :super:
  3. SydneyColson

    SydneyColson Cadet

    Dec 13, 2002
    Did you ever think that Irina still has contact with Sark?? I mean they gave her those stupid earrings and guess who showed up at the next mission...YOu know the one where the house blew up? I think Irina is somehow still feeding info to Sark..Okay someone (Will or Francie) can't be bad cuz that would make EVERYONE the bad guys againist the Bristows and CIA. Personally I think Will is good and Francie is bad even though thats not what it seems...I like the idea someone wrote that they are going to frame Will for Francie's death. Dixon bad...that's an idea, but I've always thought he was bad anyways. This show is sooooo confusing! Just when you think you got it figured out, he throws another twist...i so LOVE that!! :) ~Sydney

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