Too scared to dig anymore!

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you just cant dig anywhere in York, England apparently, without unearthing something that stops the contractors and gets the scientists/curators in. i was working for a firm when we wanted a new septic tank put on site for toilet facilities and they unearthed about 5 or 6 bodies stopping all work in that corner of our yard for some time.

each time something historic is found, local laws mean that the contractors have to stop work, report to the local council and support the area so the curators/archaeologists can come in and dig around for a preset amount of time. this is expensive for building firms, good for Yorks history departments i guess. at least they found a real prize this time, was really inconvenient when on trying to rebuild a major junction crossing a canal, they found buried buildings that had to be investigated, interrupting all commuter traffic terribly, extending the proposed problems from the contractors.

The RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corps) are loaning an x-ray machine to the history guys in york to look into the plaster and see the state of the body before they break it out. they are all rather excited at the moment.

lets just hope the body didn't die of something highly contagious that can get loose!

news item here :

BBC NEWS | UK | England | North Yorkshire | Mummified body found during dig

a video is available off main page on by clicking NEWS and look down the right hand side