Music What Are You Listening To?

Trance- Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk, tIESTO, ATc...etc, dj mystik
Rock- Live, Incubus, Chili Peppers, Saliva
more stuff- John Mayer, Avril Lavigne, Miss SAigon soundtrack (great play/musical ) , no doubt, etc.

ok yeah, I am a music addict! So sue me!
I listen to Avril Lavinge, Michelle Branch, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Supreme Beings of Lesiure, Our Lady Peace and the Legally Blonde sound track is also soooooooo GREAT!!!!!!
I listen to Steps, ABBA, A*Teens, S Club 7, and kinda Kelly Clarkson, Samantha Mumba, Avril, Vanessa Carlton, Janet Jackson, BBMak, Savage Garden (didn't they break up?), Destiny's Child, The Carpenters, Sugar Ray etc.

(add more when i think of it)
Isn't this thread What are you listening to right now now now?
Right now, I'm listening to nothing, but ever since I got the American Idol CD, I rarely listened to anything else.
It doesnt matter if u have it on this second! its ok!
~~ahhh so tired~~~
I've got some new tracks off of a site. Awesome stuff.
Second Sun- Empire (PvD aka Paul van Dyk) (trance)

other stuff-
Coldplay- Yellow, trouble, in my room/place
it's possible to listen to all of this stuff at once, it's just that:

1. normal ppl dont do it, cuz
2. one cannot appreciate all this talent at once
i dunno. im kinda hesitant to buy (or even listen to) Jim Carey's songs, considering that he doesn't actually sing for a living and it might just be a bunch of sounds that is supposed to be singing. why would anybody want to waste their time listening to that?
Coolies....but I disagree with whoever said you cant possibly listen to all at once. TRUST me, you can. I can. It's awesome. As long as you love what you hear and you're in with your music... then it's all good.
sORRY if i sound weird, but music is my life.