What are your views of heaven and hell within the science fiction universe?

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Avoid A Void
please read the title well before answering.

i am not looking for super, uber or other religous views, just your thoughts about this subject with in the science fiction conundrum.

personally after reading lots of novels and watching movies or tv shows in the science fiction spectrum and seeing the writers views about it and how the reader percieves it, i find that heaven or hell or both if the story is about it an interesting concept.

i have always wondered when i read how our race in a few thousand years or an alien race projects the heaven and hell scenario into that culture.

i find it more refreshing than hearing our own views on it.

the best example i can come up with is the Jack L. Chalker's "Well of Souls" series of novels:

where within the stories of each individual person, sometime or another they percieved it as a heaven or hell.

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