What music do you like?

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You asked the wrong person this questuon...he he I LOVE MUSIC I could listen to rap, hip-hop, pop-punk, little pop, independent girls ( avril, michelle branch etc..), modern country, christian.. theres not much I don't listen to!!

i love music of all kinds about i listen mostly to rock music right now.. evanescence...pearl jam...weezer...the smiths.. the all american rejects... finch...dashboard confessional..etc
i love music, i dont like rap or hiphop at all. these are who im listening to right now: evanescence(love them!) coldplay(love them too!) michelle featherstone, supreme beings of leisure, vanessa carlton, norah jones, my various broadway cds, and josh groban.
I love a mixture of music, from all different times! Bon Jovi, Coldplay, Michelle Branch, No Doubt......just a small number, like random singles as well! Juz anything thats got a good beat and can dance or mosh to!
I'm very picky with my music, I mostly like Rock and Techno, I've been listening to Darude, Evanescence, Tatu, a lot of Japanese stuff, Hikaru Utada, Nickelback, I can't stand rap, rap stands for:

I like a LOT of music... I guess it's mostly alternative... my favorite radio stations are all the alternative ones. But I like a lot of different stuff... from Stevie Nicks to 3 Doors Down (who I got to meet at a concert!) to Joni Mitchell to Jimmy Eat World. But VERY little country (I'm not a fan of twang), absolutely no rap, no christian music (except Dashboard Confessional, but I don't really consider them religious in any way), and no teeny bop stuff or boy bands (uck, I can't stand them!). I don't like Avril Lavigne much... I think it might be due to overexposure. She and her songs are EVERYWHERE and it drives me crazy now.

Currently, I love listening to Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional, Guster, Sarah McLachlan, Stevie Nicks, Counting Crows, U2, Norah Jones, etc etc. I could go on all day. I live for music.
I hate rap too! I can't understand anything they say and it's just noise. I like a lot of different kinds so usually it just depends on my mood. Usually I just listen to my playlist with pretty is pretty much just songs from alias.
I like some rap. Not all of it. I like Eminem the most and some 5o Cent and DMX. I also like some pop, if you consider Jennifer Lopez pop, which I think she is. I like punk, Sum 41 I'm told is punk so that's why I like punk and rock.
What I'm wondering is why so many of you hate rap? :confused: Quoting a friend of mine:

Rap is very rhythmic, but to a much different degree. Most good rap (Tupac is probably the best example) has rhythm in the lyrics. It isn't as obvious as some other styles, but is is there.
I also enjoy modern rock, alternative, new age, classical, and whatever else. I like mostly anything and everything. I only despise pop music.
rock, all types, alternitive, classic ect.

coldplay, metallica, blur, oasis, red hot chili peppers, STP, AC/DC, pink floyd, steve miller band, bruce springsteen ect.

hip hop- not horrible pop hip hop or rap (popular stuff), like jurrasic 5, ugly duckling, beastie boys, tribe called quest

some tech, chemical brothers, DJ kicks

some jazz too

mostly rock tho :smiley:

the only thing i can not listen to is country, new age or realy oldie pop stuff, or pure pop (britney, mandy, justin) yuk!
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