Writing and the Uncanny Valley

Alexander Oliver Sen

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Recently I found another author release a book, which has the uncanny similarity to the premise which I have been working on approximately the last two years. It is in the zone of Uncanny Valley which makes me feel so much hate. I don't want to hate the guy but it's like having something you love stolen from you.

Uncanny valley - Wikipedia

What to do about such a thing?
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Sadly, a premise (or an idea) is something that can't be copyrighted. Otherwise, I may have made millions off Malcolm Reynolds of the Firefly series (haha). As Kevin mentioned, continue your project. The person who does a better job of implementing their idea is ultimately going to be successful.


Roll with the punches. I felt robbed when Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror came out. The idea was eeriely similar to mine. I thought about giving up, but then I said, if a successful writer created a story idea similar to mine, that's all the more reason to keeo going.