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XenForo XF Arcade Comments

Here is a simple template edit that will allow you to put comments on your game page.

First, go to and register an account, add your site, etc. It will tell you what to do. Get the embed code, from the install page.

Second: go to to templates -> arcade_play

Third: find the second </div> and paste the embed code under it.

If you want to add facebook comments, I'm sure you all know how to get the embed code. Just do the same thing.

There you go! :smiley:
If your wondering if: you post a comment on one game, then will it show up on the other games? No it won't. Each comment will stay on the page it was commented on.


Hmm. So it's a solution that works, but isn't a perfect one. Man, you're evil. So get one that works now but doesn't integrate or wait and hope one gets added sooner rather than later.

Choices, choices...


Would love to have the comments working within the xF install (and working with alerts/newsfeed), but this would be a good temporary solution. I'd use Facebook comments, but it would be the same procedure.