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On Sharing Your Creativity

  • Yes, But only for compensation

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  • Yes, for the glory and fame

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  • No, I only create for contract

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  • No, My creativity is for me and mine

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  • I'll comment because my thoughts on this can get quite complicated

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An Old Friend
Just a simple poll to determine how each of us feels about sharing our creativity with others.

Are you just full of creativity to the point that it has to get out there no matter what or do you feel you must be compensated for what you create?

Do you write because you must or is it because you hope to see fame and fortune?

When you see a block of wood or clay is there something inside there that you need to expose?

When you look at a blank screen or blank canvas is there a driving need to express yourself?

If you see a video sequence do you know in your heart you can do it better?

Do you get all bottled up with a song that must be sung?

Personally, I am a sharing-minded person. The things that I create are meant to be shared. I never seek fame or fortune because I feel that if it truly makes an impact my reward will be fulfilled by praise.
I know that many people don't feel this way. That's okay.
For myself, I really do not know what drives me.

One of the things I have recently thought, is that I got 45+years of pent up creativity and a desire to express
my likes,concerns,what motivates, or has inspired me (or still does) or discovered how to do and all that,
and for the past 6 years have been able to release some of this pent up a sense and to a degree with 3d/animation and video with computer. ( this may explain why I choose a lot of old material)
Was too busy trying to get on and get by in life, I could only imagine things.

One other is I am looking for human feedback/contact on whatever it is I made. (Usually do not get much-often negative too).

I know the excitement of making something, that makes you feel good that you made it , and you are thoroughly thrilled
by it.And there is such a strong desire to show others ,,"look what I did".
--and in most cases, with the are often disappointed by what others say or do not say, if they say anything.

I could probably list a dizzying array of things...but that would confuse possibly.

Another thing is Music....I have been emotionally detached for so long,,,Music often helps with getting back in touch,
and then when that happens , I usually have a firestorm of ideas and concepts,often fleeting and UN-catchable.
I want to express as most would like to express their affinity for a song or score.

I just want to create something and express....whether to express a thought, and or parody, a humor,a witticism,
or to share something else I have found, discovered,liked.

On Heroic Journey-Earth from Space/Orbit
"if I may,let you experience the inspiration that music can invoke.
And the images to try and reinforce or capture or sustain or present that which you hear."
-Randal R.

"I love this piece of music.It is so familiar,the melody,the ambiance,
chord changes.It is so warm and welcoming.
Uplifting and wondrous.Triumphant and serene."
-Randal R.

I am not looking for fame or fortune in any way.Recognition? most certainly.

But, you could say, I am trying to create something for when I am gone, something that will last a little longer than me
also. ( this possibility recently rung in my head)

I am a share it kind of mind also....As those that made models and share them.

Well, did not mean to start a book... :D

A recent reply I made just yesterday I think:

I do often wonder why I bite off so much to chew on.
-but I have always been at it in this way.

I do not see the point of making a 15-30 second,or 1 minute video.(Except for feedback etc)
Must be a plot,Concept,Idea,Layout,Music,A message,,something of more
substance than look at this trick or discovery or neat item.

I always try to make it worth viewing as best I can muster with what I know and have.
And I always make things that have had an impact or effect on myself, or that inspire
something in me.

Thank You

-am racing the devil, yet I am in no hurry,most of the time-
-Randal R.

The Story of what got me into videos, or one aspect, was way back in 2007-9, many videos
on youtube were not videos.they were songs with a picture,image,and if you were lucky another pic or 2.
I thought to myself, hell, I can do better than that with paintshop.,
So You may have hit gold there Tom...:D

omg it is still up, one of the first videos I ever did...

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I think if I have anything OCD it is getting things organized. When I was a wrench, I slowly bought all the tools of my trade and housed them in a toolbox(es) like the other mechanics. But when you looked in my drawers everything was neat, clean and organized. I spent countless hours 'setting up' my workstation.
Now that I can't do that work anymore I have switched to cooking. I have been buying kitchen gadgets for about 5 years now and everything is again organized. So with my computer and the 13TB of hard drive space, Everything is catergorized and foldered with notepads and spreadsheets working as my index.

In HS I majored in art and photography. I was a keen and precise artist but my teachers always told me my gift was my abstracts. To me they felt messy. It was such a messy painting that everyone loved and won 1st prize for the senior art fair but that same messy art is why I decided to be a mechanic. I needed my messy to be organized.

One of the reasons I write those flash fiction tidbits here is because in my organized mind I get way too involved with every detail of any story. I am trying to train myself to express in as few words as possible because it 'feels' more organized. I know I have many good books in me if I could just slop them down.

Why am I saying this on this subject?
While I feel it matters that others like my work, I need to feel that it is not messy. While my work is messy, I don't feel it is worthy of praise. I was so embarassed when my abstract (which I spent 2 months on for a class requirement) was praised for its depth and clarity. I saw it as an incomplete yet was told it was outstanding. I threw the ribbon away and gave the piece to my art teacher. I have never painted anything like that since.

If I were contracted to do a piece, I could never call it done enough. I could never accept money or fame from it no matter how much others might like it. I'd just as soon throw it away as give it away.


I like the work you do Randal R. There are many talented members here at Alien Soup both published and non-published. Know that if I suggest something to you it is not because I find fault with what you have done but more that I am suggesting to open avenues you may not have thought of.

Like music: Love the Classic Rock.
Using music that is published can get you in some trouble without authorization. If one of your youtube videos go viral, there could be problems in the legal department.
Solution might be to get a midi composer and create your own music.
NoteWorthy Composer is a fine example but kinda costly.
There are alternatives that are free. Just like you use multiple programs to create the video you can create the music the same way using samples and loops and a stitcher.
With a little practice Audacity® can be combined with other freeware to create music to your own desires. Lets see...
There's Darkwave, mp3 Cutter, N-Track Studio, LMMS (Outstanding), Acid Express 7, AVS Audio Editor, Mixxx, Goldwave, Wave Creator and more...
MusE is a midi sequencer - totally free.
Jackbeat, Hammerhead, etc...
Download software Editors free, full and secured versions Freeware

Anvil Studio | Free music composition, notation & MIDI-creation software



LMMS • Home

Overall Project


Song Editor


Native Instruments

Again, Not trying to tell you anything except "Here, Check This Out!"
I get way too involved with every detail of any story
That is a great hangup of mine also..:D

Using music that is published can get you in some trouble without authorization. If one of your youtube videos go viral, there could be problems in the legal department.

Oh, I aint heard or played MIDI's in so long.....ohh...:D
Actually, I learned years ago about fair use and was successful on many of them(Videos) when I refuted on fair use terms.
But, if not, I dint challenge.
Now they have filters that id the content, and if a third party owns or has a claim,
and has already allowed, it is ok, any ad clicks go to the Copyrighted Content owners.
So, I am is essence helping whomever owns the rights..:D
My youtube is not monetized.

And, you are not going to believe this, since I saw that Dio video I did,, I had to start another.
that was horrrrrrrible.!
I think I jammed on this, with already made things and just rendering the EQ Bars I guess for DIO
maybe 6-8 hours..not sure. But the momentum will fade off...has...and I'm stuck with another unfinished atm.

Ya know Idk if I seen anything you have done, I not really got to peruse the site much yet.
let me take a moment to show what getting miffed and humiliated created...:D

This Rocks man! I think....
Oh, I aint heard or played MIDI's in so long.

that reminded me, and thanks, I nearly forgot, I used to have a web page, back when the internet was small.
I had on it images of the planets and the Solar System...and it played DS-9 and ST TNG Themes in MIDI format.
it was great! Not many web pages had music or sound then...:D