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    Season 5 Un-tied loose ends

    Lauren worked for the Covenant and Renne worked for herself.They didnt work together.
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    Season 3 Lindsey VS. Sloane

    Something happens at the end of season 4 involving Sloane,what he is doing at uni-fam.I don't want to tell you any more because i don't want to spoil it for you.But i think this is what Lindsay knows.Keep watching!
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    Does any1 like Rachel Gibson?

    I love Rachel i think she is amasing! Rachel Nichols is a great addition th the show!
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    Season 5 Un-tied loose ends

    There is only one thing that annoys me and that is the Irina,Bill Vaughn and Nadia timelime.Ok its been stated many times that Irina killed Bill in 1979 (Oct 21 1979 according to Micheal Vaughn in s4) and Irina faked her death in 1981 and was in KGB Cusady and gave birth to Nadia.So how did Bill...
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    Season 5 Un-tied loose ends

    I think that Jack could be Nadia real dad because in season 3 sloane gets the "Hourglass" and smashes it.It is soppose to show something about the Passanger(her brainwaves or location or something) only to her father.But Jack was in the room wasnt he?? Maybe Sloane just smashed it and the...
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    How many episodes?

    Arte we getting a full 22 episode season? Because i read that there will only be 18! Please say this isn't true!
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    Season 5 When does it come back?

    Does Alias go on a break after this episode?? how long is it for??
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    Season 4 Vaughn and Irina

    In this episode Irina told Vaughn not to lie to Sydney but was this the first time she said this? I'm sure she said something to him in season 2 also!?
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    Season 5 Callsigns

    Sidewinder is cool but Oracle is a bit shat!
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    Season 5 100th Alias

    The animated episode thingy on the season three extras i think?
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    Season 5 100th Alias

    Is anyone else excited about the 100th episode? Its really a big deal for a show to reach this milestone! What do you think/hope will happen? By the way when does Jennifer have her baby?
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    Season 3 Fav S/V Moment of Season 3

    In episode 1 when Sydney tells Vaughn he should of waited for her and not have givin up on her!
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    Season 3 Don't you think S3 finale was great?

    I liked it i thought it was cool! The mask thing spoiled it a little.Lauren as Syd was ok but Syd as Lauren was takin the piss a little! so unrealistic! (I know not a lot is realistic!) but the episode was good and the season was one of the best!
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    Season 5 season 5 so far

    All i want is for the show to continue for as long as possible! I love this show! But if the rating are low then maybe this could be the end?(There i said it!)
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    Season 5 season 5 so far

    It starts around March time! I hate that we have to wait so long! I try my hardest to stay away from spoilers but always fail! Do you recon this is the final season??