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XenForo 2 CinVin: Lazy Load YouTube Videos for Xenforo 2 1.0.4

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The CSS has been tweaked a bit for handling large resolutions better. Over at the Cameraderie photography forum we ran into the situation where the preview image of the video was not being properly centered in the middle of the frame on devices running really large resolutions. Smaller resolutions looked OK, only high resolutions were off.

While in there the CSS was tweaked a little to get rid of some unnecessary settings.

NOTE: All of the HTML ID and class names were also renamed to be uniquely appended with "cv" to avoid any conflicts with any other lazyload type addons.
This version requires XF 2.1.0 or above in order to be installed.
  • Fixed to use the minified version of the javascript file.
  • Changed iframe code to allow for autoplay complying with Google's updated policies on embedded media.
  • Tweaked the JS just a bit.
  • Updated the ACP icon, title, etc. to be consistent with other "CinVin" releases.
The current version of this add-on is always installed here at Alien Soup. Check our "What are you listening to?" thread to see it action.
Two updates in this release... :)
  • Fixed a bug that would have caused multiple images to be loaded for each video.
  • Changed the div wrapper to be the standard bbMediaWrapper instead of a custom div.