1. Tom

    Comedy The Art of Watching "BAD" Movies

    The Art of Watching "BAD" Movies Think SyFy, Asylum, 'Mock'Busters & UnCork'd (to name a few) Perfectly Suitable for Making Fun and Jeering Sometimes "So Bad It's Good" but more often just BAD. Personally, I've been diagnosed with a sickness which causes me to have to watch these movies...
  2. Tom

    Art Challenge: Drawing Emotions

    Personally, I can't draw peple. My art is mainly abstract. If anyone has the ability to draw (or paint) life-like human faces, I have a challenge which may give you some inspiration. Subject: Showing Obscure Human Emotion A blindfolded man expressing love. A masked woman expressing interest...
  3. Galacticfish

    TV Gallery Galactic's newest show... "Retrorocket TV"!

    Tonight is the opening night of"Retrorocket TV," Gallery Galactic's newest art show! The works celebrate the groovy TV shows of the 1960s, with a few special guest stars thrown in! Hope you like the opening night shenanigans. All the artworks are by me, Mike Fisher, and most of them are...
  4. Galacticfish


    by Mike Fisher The Book Bag was my internet provider and Starlog magazine was my sci-fi web site decades before the all-knowing internet became a fixture in all our lives. You needed to know how to make an amaretto cheesecake? Or which dog breed is the dumbest? Or when the next sci-fi movie is...
  5. Tom

    Movies SciFi Short Films

    Good Business ( 2017 ) Good Business: Humanity makes a deal with a new client. Currently 2.90/5 (10 votes) Ratings: IMDB: N/A Metascore: N/A RT: N/A Released: July 10, 2017 Runtime: 5 mins Genres: Sci-Fi Short Actors: Amy De Bhrún Darryl Kinsella