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  1. Shin Godzilla (US movie poster)

    Shin Godzilla (US movie poster)

    US movie poster for Shin Godzilla / Godzilla Resurgence. In the US it'll only be playing for a week in theaters and only in limited markets.
  2. NeoTokyo

    For Sale Godzilla / Japanese Sci-fi collection for sale (DVD's, Toys + More)

    Hi, I've decided it's time to sell my Godzilla collection and thought I'd try here first before listing everything on eBay. Everything has been well looked after and is in very good condition. I'm based in the UK and can post worldwide / accept paypal. Prices listed are only rough estimates...
  3. Tom

    Sci-Fi Shin Godzilla / Godzilla Resurgence (2016 Toho reboot)

    Saw this at First Showing this morning: Toho in Japan Working On Their Own New 'Godzilla' Movie for 2016 by Alex Billington December 7, 2014 The original company that started it all – Toho Co., Ltd. from Tokyo, Japan – is getting ready to bring back the giant radioactive lizard in their own...