1. Ark II

    Sci-Fi Ark II

    Title: Ark II Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Creator: Martin Roth Cast: Terry Lester, Lou Scheimer, Jose Flores, Helen Hunt First aired: 1976-09-11 Overview: Ark II is an American live-action science fiction series, aimed at children, that aired on CBS, beginning in 1976, as part of its...
  2. Genesis (2018)

    Sci-Fi Genesis (2018)

    Title: Genesis Tagline: Created to save us. Evolved to erase us. Genre: Science Fiction Director: Bart Ruspoli, Freddie Hutton-Mills Cast: Olivia Grant, Chiké Okonkwo, John Hannah, Warren Brown, Ed Stoppard, Rick Warden, Wendy Glenn, Stefano Braschi, Solomon B Taiwo Release...
  3. Rane Guthrie

    Sci-Fi Anyone Interested in Reviewing my Novel?

    I recently self-published my first novel, World Above, and am beginning on the second draft of it's sequel, The Encampment. I'm looking for people who may have input on anything they liked or disliked in it, and just their thoughts in general. Here's a description: Put simply, young Russel...
  4. jonofthelang

    Sci-Fi Novel on Kickstarter: War of Eden

    Hey Everyone!! I've been writing a Sci-Fi Fantasy novel for the last three years, off and on, and finally it's almost finished because I have all the momentum I need! I launched the kickstarter today and will have the book in editing by end of October! There's all the epic info you'd want on...