space opera

  1. Erik Martin Willen

    Sci-Fi Reinventing the Space Opera: The World of Nastragull

    Reinventing the Space Opera: The World of Nastragull BY LANA KING ON NOVEMBER 24, 2020 See Interview here: Reinventing the Space Opera: The World of Nastragull ( Hi everyone, The next instalment in my science fiction series is now available; e-book, soft and hard back...
  2. julirew

    Sci-Fi New space opera: The Unwinding: Gin's Story

    A woman is shunted through space and time as two universes go to war. "A sci-fi romp that's vast in scope yet thoroughly playful." --Kirkus Reviews Now available in ebook and paperback The Unwinding: Gin's Story eBook: Juliana Rew, Keely Rew: Kindle Store
  3. B

    TV 2019 Sci fi web series ACCIDENT EP9 first post here hope you guys like it!
  4. Erik Martin Willen

    Sci-Fi Section Twenty-One (Nastragull Book 4)

    Hi Guys, My fourth book in the Nastragull series is out and I think you will like it. The war that will change everything is about to begin… When a failed rescue attempt kills three of the Vixens, it sends Alec von Hornet and his friends on a vengeful rampage. With the Third Universal War...
  5. Mlle Bettik

    We're working on a better visualization of science fiction themes, and we need your help.

    We want a better understanding of the science fiction books we should read, and the concepts those books explore. Current algorithms and tags on Amazon or Wikipedia are grossly incompetent or incomplete. So a group of data scientists and sci-fi nerds are making a better corpora, and we need your...
  6. JacenAster

    Sci-Fi Free Advanced Copies of "The Chronicles of Henry Harper"

    My first book under the Jacen Aster pen name(I've done a number of shorts and a novella under others) is coming out on December 16th. In advance of that, I'm giving out a double handful of FREE Advanced Reader Copies, as a way to generate interest. The book is a Science Fiction/Space Opera work...
  7. julirew

    Sci-Fi Military Scifi/Space Opera anthology: Hyperpowers

    Third Flatiron has released its Summer 2016 anthology, Hyperpowers, with military SF and space opera themes. Highlights include "Grid Drop" by William Huggins, "Dirt Moon" by Dan Koboldt, and "Yesterday's Weapon" by Noel Ayers. Some funny stuff in here too. Guest edited by Bascomb James...
  8. Erik Martin Willen

    Sci-Fi I’ll like to share some fantastic news…

    My new science fiction series hit #1 on several lists on the Amazon last week. below are a couple pictures. Thank to everyone. NASTRAGULL: Pirates An epic space adventure that holds danger at every turn... The human cadets on the interstellar transport, Bright Star, are heading home...
  9. J

    Sci-Fi Help a new science fiction author get published!

    I'm promoting a book that I have written and attempting to get published through Inkshares, which is a crowdfunding service for aspiring novelists. My book "To Live and Die in Avalon" is a combination of classic science fiction serials and sixties spy movies starring a strong female lead. Here's...