1. Kevin

    Star Wars Pinball: The Force Awakens

    I used to play 3D Pinball Space Cadet on Windows for hours back in the days of Windows 95 & Windows 98. Having recently gotten back into the Star Wars state of mind after catching The Force Awakens at the theater the announcement of a Star Wars pinball game caught my attention. :D Zen...
  2. AWalkerBit.Me

    XBox Dead Rising 3

    So apparently Vancouver awoke one day this past November to find a giant X-Box One system in their city. The mystery was revealed to be part of the marketing for Dead Rising 3, the zombie game for the X-Box. The game was developed by the local Vancouver branch of Capcom and so it made sense...
  3. Sheldon

    XBox Free XBLA download of The Walking Dead to those with disc problems

    Telltale Games are to offer a free copy of The Walking Dead XBLA version to players suffering severe hitching and freezing with the Xbox 360 disc version. After collecting reports from players, Telltale found that the severe stuttering issue, which rendered the Xbox 360 retail version nearly...
  4. Sheldon

    XBox Telltale's The Walking Dead: Episode One free on XBLA

    "Game of the Year" contender The Walking Dead's first episode is currently free on the Xbox Marketplace. IGN believes it'll be available like that until the new year. We've contacted Telltale to confirm, but we're not sure how quick the response will be in their shambling post eggnog consumption...
  5. Robby

    XBox Life After People (On Halo's Reach) [Halo]

    Life After People (On Halo's Reach) [Halo] (Via Kotaku) When sci-fi shooter Halo: Reach ends, so too does humanity's presence on the planet. This gallery of environment art for the game shows what the place would look like with everyone gone. That's not its point, of course; it's just a...
  6. Tom

    XBox Xbox 720

    Who's ready to start talking about the next Xbox? Yeah, I know, it sounds idiotic -- didn't the 360 just come out? But one glance at a calendar suggests it won't be long before we start hearing all sorts of tidbits about the Xbox 720. After all, the original Xbox came out in the fall of 2001...
  7. Kevin

    XBox Duke Nukem 3D coming to X-Box Live

    One of my favorite games of all time, Duke Nukem 3D, is coming to the X-Box Live system! (From IGN)
  8. Kevin

    XBox Anybody have an X-Box 360?

    Prize to the first person that has an X-Box 360 to respond...
  9. Kevin

    XBox Microsoft X-Box 360 Marketing Brochure

    The 2005 marketing brochure for the Microsoft X-Box 360 has been "leaked" on to the internet. The cynic in me put the word leaked in quotes because I would tend to think that it's more of Microsoft's subtle marketing campaign than a leak but, hey, that's just me. :P Did MS sell alternate face...
  10. Kevin

    XBox New X-Box Will Be Announced Soon

    Looks like MTV will be where Microsoft reveals the upcoming X-Box successor... Source: CNN.com - Next Xbox to get MTV unveiling - Apr 11, 2005