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Mar 20, 2004
The 2005 marketing brochure for the Microsoft X-Box 360 has been "leaked" on to the internet. The cynic in me put the word leaked in quotes because I would tend to think that it's more of Microsoft's subtle marketing campaign than a leak but, hey, that's just me. :P

Did MS sell alternate face plates for the last generation X-Box?

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Jan 16, 2005
the cynic in everyone in the EU and the UK is wondering how M$ managed to come up with the pricing of the units for us. it's a scandal that in the UK the basic set costs £209 sterling, when the exchange rate is making the unit look like it's only worth about £166. and people in the EU are saying the same, it's costing us all about £40 more than the american public will have to pay for it.

since it'll be the first next generation console on the market, well ahead of the PS3 and then the next Nintendo console, it will sell regardless of it's individual specs. but the ignorant pricing policy from M$ will be a stinger yet again. I feel that if the PS3 was available at approximately the same time and that Sony didn't play pricing games, the Xbox2 would be a resounding failure for M$ !!!
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