XBox New X-Box Will Be Announced Soon


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Looks like MTV will be where Microsoft reveals the upcoming X-Box successor...

Source: - Next Xbox to get MTV unveiling - Apr 11, 2005

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Microsoft Corp. Monday said it would unveil the next generation of its Xbox video game console in a May 12 special on cable music and entertainment channel MTV.

The unveiling will be a first, as video game companies usually take the wraps off their new consoles at the industry trade show E3 -- which will be held the following week in Los Angeles.

Microsoft said the special would also air in Japan the morning of May 13 and across Europe that evening. Actor Elijah Wood will host the show.

The special will include footage of next-generation Xbox games and also online play, Microsoft said.

The company has not set a release date for the Xbox successor or even announced a name, but the new hardware is expected to be released later this year.

Market leader Sony Corp. has said little about the timetable for its next-generation PlayStation console, but there is speculation it will offer details at E3 next month.

Last week Sony advised it would hold its E3 press conference a few hours before Microsoft's, a break with tradition that some saw as a sign Sony wanted to steal Microsoft's anticipated thunder.
I saw a supposed pic of the new x-box, supposedly dubed the 360, it looks like there are no controller ports. only 2 removable memory card slots. There is an infered sensor on the front...which would lead one to believe that the controllers will all be wireless. There also appeared to be a 40 gig removeable hard drive on the side. Not sure what that is for, but ok. What the guys at the video game store did say was that all the games for it will be high deffination capable. But they won't require a high deffinition tv to play. They are expecting the system to hit te market around Thanksgiving just in time for the x-mas rush....

Can you tell that me and the hubby are x-box fans. :D
You'd be surprised at the mad rush there is going on right now of everybody trying to grab a "360" domain name. It's insane.

If the pictures are to be believed then the new box will be slightly concave on the top and bottom, be a light color, and will replace the infamous X with a more subdued round logo. Personally I don't think they'd make that big a of a switch from the current design, at least in colors. The dark look of the current X-Box is part of it's branding and the neon X logo is synonymous with the X-Bog system.... for Microsoft to make a drastic redesign at this point would be a really risky move.
You do make a good point. Mcrosoft isn't one for risk. (at least in my personal opinion).

Though I have to say, if the pictures are correct, I prefer the new look. It's more stylish.

Here is a site that Andy (my hubby found on it).

Good close up pictures of the supposed 360.

Yeah i could see grabbing up those domains. There are so many video game sites. Why not try to be the first with the name that no one can forget. though it is going to be darn funny if that turns out not to be the name. lol
Revealed: Xbox 360 User Interface

By Nate Mook, BetaNews

May 20, 2005, 12:46 AM

Note: Clicking the picture should bring up a slide show of the xbox 360 screens
if not go to this source

Behind closed doors on Thursday, Microsoft demonstrated to BetaNews the user interface on its Xbox 360. The Dashboard, which can be customized using themes, offers access to four main panels: System, Games, Media and Xbox Live.

System contains standard configuration options for the Xbox 360, including linking up with network devices and setting parental controls.

The action starts from the Games panel, which displays the user's GamerCard containing their reputation, Gamerscore and Zone. Gamerscore points can be accumulated by playing Xbox games and downloaded arcade games. The Zone is chosen by the user, depending on their style of gameplay. The Games panel also offers access to already downloaded content such as demos and trailers, as well as listing played games and accomplishments. The primary focus of the Xbox 360, however, is Xbox Live, which has taken center stage.

Xbox Live serves as the center for connectivity on the Xbox 360. The main screen lists messages and contacts, and a link to the Xbox Live Marketplace. The Marketplace is Microsoft's new clearinghouse for selling virtual in-game merchandise, interface themes, and game add-ons such as maps.

Microsoft has not linked its online music store from within the Xbox 360 interface, but has left the option open for future upgrades. The company says it can remotely update the Xbox Live interface as needed.

Eventually, Microsoft plans to offer up gamer profiles and scores to the Web using RSS feeds.

When not gaming, users can load the Media panel to view photo slideshows or listen to music. Content can be stored on PCs networked to the Xbox 360, or viewed directly from a portable player - including Apple's iPod. Microsoft has also developed full screen visualizations that can be manipulated using the Xbox controller.