1.12 Whatever the Case May Be

Has anyone seen the promo yet? First off, it looks GREAT.

Pulled this off from lost-media forums:


The preview starts out with Charlie saying : "We're stranded on an island, noone is coming for us..."

The voice over guy: "The new episode EVERYONE's been waiting for..."

Then they show Kate and Sawyer and the waterfalls and Kate dives into the water and she sees the suitcase...then Sawyers voice: "Something you wanna tell me about that little suitcase?" Kates voice: "It's mine..."

Voiceover: "Out here everyone has a secret..." (Charlie crying, shot of Boone)

Jack's voice "Did she tell you what was in that suitcase" (i'm assuming he's talking to sawyer)
Jack talking to Kate: " I want the truth..."

Voiceover "...and some will stop at nothing to keep it." (Kate walking into Sawyer's tent while he's sleeping)

Sawyer: "She lied brother" (i think he's talking to Jack)

Jack (gripping Kate's arm and sounding angry); "Stop lying!"
Kate (crying): "I'm not lying..."

Credit: I-am-Lost

Whatever's in that suitcase, all this drama over it!


Tragic Romantic
I know. The promo makes me so excited for the episode. And then after, ALIAS PREMIERES!! But I like how Kate and Sawyer are going into that waterfall. :naughty:
AgentDesertRose said:
But I like how Kate and Sawyer are going into that waterfall.  :naughty:
Lol, I know :LOL: There's a scene where she's running and he's chasing and then he tackles her down....oh boy, I strictly told myself not to ship yet!


it's about kate's past and why she was on the run, obviously. it's the case that the marshall was carrying. i heard a theory she's a military deserter


The Bubbly
Is there usually a reaction thread? :LOL: I just started watching and not sure what the usual is in this forum.

I just want to know ... what the hell are they going to do about Claire?