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"If everyone is indeed talking about the proposed Alejandro
Jodorowsky version of Dune then no it does not exist. There
may be some footage in existence, there may be not be,
however the story is that it faltered in pre-production when
financial backing was withdrawn, so the existence of usable
footage is very unlikely."

I [Alejandro Jodorowsky] liked fighting for Dune. We won
almost all the battles, but we lost the war. The project was
sabotaged in Hollywood. It was French and not American.
Their message was not "Hollywood enough". There was
intrigue, plunder. The storyboard was circulated amongst all
the big studios. Later, the visual aspect of Star Wars strangely
resembled our style. To make Alien, they called Moebius, Foss,
Giger, O'Bannon, etc. The project signalled to Americans the
possibility of making a big show of science-fiction films, outside
of the scientific rigour of 2001: A Space Odyssey."

"As someone else noted, H.R. Giger was also part of the
project, and his designs for the Harkonnen were straight
out of his "bio-mechanical" themes seen in his works."

"Salvador Dali, of all people, was providing art support,"
Dali in fact was supposed to act as Padishah emperor
Shaddam IV,"

"You forgot to mention that Orson Welles was to be the
Baron as well. It definitely would have been an interesting
movie... "

"Gloria Swanson, ...were cast"

"Pink Floyd offered to write the score at the peak of their

"His [Baron Harkonnen] delusions of grandeur have no limit:
he lives in a palace constructed as a portrait of himself...
This immense sculpture stands on a sordid swampy planet...
In order to enter the palace, one has to wait for the colussus
to open its mouth and stick out a tongue of steel (landing strip...)"

"English SF illustrator Chris Foss... Foss was responsible for
the crystal city on the planet Krypton at the beginning of the
first Superman film"

"...artist Jean 'Moebius' Giraud drew thousands of sketches"


"In reading his account of the failed production, it becomes
readily apparent that Jodorowsky's Dune would only bear
a slight resemblance to Herbert's novel. "I feel fervent
admiration towards Herbert and at the same time conflict
[...] I did everything to keep him away from the project..."

"You have no idea how badly he butchered Dune. It was
meant to be his adaption of Frank Herbert's opus, but he
must have been on LSD or something when he wrote his was...wanting. Let's just say that. Wanting."

"The project eventually collapsed in 1977, subsequently
being passed onto Ridley Scott, and then to David Lynch,
whose 1984 film was panned by audience and critics alike."

So what if this movie version of Frank Herbert's novel
had actually made it to the big screen, either done by a
Jodorowsky that sticks to the book or (better idea IMO)
by Ridley Scott?

What if it comes out in 1977 along side "Star Wars"?
Who else is cast in the film?

Jpdo's been doing a lot of comic book writing.

You should check out THE METABARONS. I think it's his take on DUNE.


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I always loved the casting & cinamatogrophy in the '84 was bad writing & inclusion of "crud" from the sequel books that tanked the movie for me. (like the spice fish very bad)

Kinda like the movie version of Ender's Game...visually breathtaking, but ultimately written poorly by people who did not understand the source material.

Kinda like the movie Starship Troopers by Paul Verhoven instead of by Heinlein.