4th of July on the Gulf Coast


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In my youth I have seen many huge 4th of July spectaculars. I've spent thousands of dollars on personal fireworks and been to many big block parties and BBQs. Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING compares to the celebration on the Gulf Coast.

Here in Mississippi, We have a beach highway (Hwy 90) that follows the coast right at the beach. In my little town, Hwy 90 splits off and a small shorline street follows the beach to just past Waveland, MS. On the 4th, the entire beach is filled with people partying and BBQing lighting off their fireworks. Boats in the Gulf are always adding to the show and the casinos have huge spectaculars over the water.
Its not just a few hours of fireworks, The fun goes on till late at night and is non-stop.

This year, I get to spend the 4th with my children's families. Not only will we be partying, we will be cruising the beaches taking in the glorious light shows.

If you ever get a chance to come to the Gulf for the 4th I highly recommed the beach drive and BBQ.
It is MILES of Non-stop fireworks!
Are the fireworks allowed on the beach or is it a case of the local authorities looking the other way? Up this way (NE USA) the beaches are usually pretty restrictive with what can be done on them.
I think they are allowed - I know that they permit bonfires on the beaches and there are even some places with fire pits. With the beaches all along the coast just jammed packed with people I don't think the police could stop it even if they wanted to. There are nature reserves that are ribboned off where there is noone allowed but everywhere else is just one huge party.

I've seen that beach maintenace is a huge community project that runs all year and employs thousands of workers. There are always workers and heavy equipment maintaining them all year long. Huge articulated loaders that turn the sand and drive the coast with big rakes. Not only do they maintain the beaches they keep the sand from duning on the highway. The Gulf coast takes care of the beaches - Its a tourist attraction. I'm sure after the 4th there is a massive cleanup using community service workers to augment the municipal workforce.

One thing I noticed when moving down here is that people are a lot more laid back than in the northern states. Tolerance levels are higher. I refer to my home state of Pennsylvania as 'The Police State' now. Looking back, Its amazing that I actually put up with so many restrictions on lifestyle.
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The city won an all expense paid Fourth of July bash complete with barbeque, live entertainment and a fireworks display in a nation-wide Red, White and You Contest. The city is preparing for as many as 30,000 people to attend the event.

The National Cable Television Network Destination America will spend much of the week in Waveland taping segments that will air nationwide on July Fourth.
And the bash is all thanks to a Waveland resident, who wrote an essay to the USA Today and Destination America judges explaining why her community deserved the $50,000 4th of July bash.

Our Lady of the Gulf Church hosts a "Crab Fest" on July 4th weekend every year. People come from far and near to feast on all kinds of seafood, listen to live music and ride the various rides as well as browse through the many crafts available for purchase.

Our Crab Fest is held on the Crab Fest Grounds behind our Community Center overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

Each year, thousands of people enjoy all that this long-running Coast festival has to offer.

Over 100 crafters display their crafts and the crafts are available for purchase.

You can listen to live music all during the weekend and even dance along.
Admission is free!
2015 Crab Fest Dates: July 3 - 5, 2015

Crab%20Fest%202011%2010.jpg Crab%20Fest%202011%203.jpg
Wow, what a party!
I got some pictures to share but I have to get them together and do a little cleanup on them.
Traffic was a nightmare.
Destination America had a drone camera flying around the crowds. My gang was positioned at the Veteran's Memorial right at the Flag pole. (blue baby stroller)
My main issue was figuring which direction to point my phone for the pictures - there were so many people and fireworks everywhere you looked.
Plus we did the Crab Festival and that was a mad house.
Glad I didn't do any drinking - it was confusing while sober.
I'll bet there were a few million dollars of fireworks set off.
There is an army of workers on the beaches right now doing clean-up.
What a fantastic night!
I just bluetoothed my photos from my phone and every single one is blurry or too dark!