9 dragons

If your bored like me and wanna try get into this beta go to
9 dragons homesite

Its actually a very in depth game i was somewhat surprised. Its in phase one beta now and it looks better then most games that have already gone gold.

If ya go to the site and want to know anything about it just give me a shout ill tell ya what I can.

But just something to keep ya goin since nothin new has really come out.
I won 3 accounts for this game. It is very different from the normal asian grind fest, it is rather enjoyable right now. I got 4 level 50s, but they will be deleted once making the change form closed to open beta.
Ya its sad isn't it. But your right the game is very addicting and im pleasently surprised at the diversity they brought into it. There is still a little work to be done on the game before release but its gotten steadily better since its initial beta start.
I've been looking forward to this game. I dunno, it looks like it's going to be the fun distraction to return too every so often.
WatchMaker said:
If anyone wants to PM an account my way, that would be nice. I'm a lazy git.

If you just sign up for the beta you have a rather large chance of getting in. The community for this game isn't all that large as of yet so you have a good opportunity of snagging a beta.

Sorry don't have an extra acct :(