"A.M.P.E.D." (2007) TV series


An Old Friend
Humans battle genetically altered monsters in Minneapolis.

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A new television pilot from X-Files alumni Frank Spotnitz and Vince Gilligan recently began set construction in Vancouver. Amped, a story about humans in the near future who must battle genetically altered monsters in Los Angeles, will begin lensing in early October, with director Robert Lieberman (The Dead Zone) at the helm.

Spotnitz has set the series for Spike TV in a police precinct, and describes the story as scary, yet funny.

"The idea is that the world has changed," Spotnitz says. "It's a very dangerous world. A certain percentage of the population are mutating and turning into monsters. And it depends on your specific DNA what type of monster you become. So the cops who work in this precinct go out everyday, and they literally don't know what they're going to encounter."

X-Men meets The Island of Dr. Moreau meets NYPD Blue...? Time will tell.