A Tanadrine Studios Original Sci-Fi animated series: Delura Ep 002

Delura continues slowly but surely. My goal is to get to the point to where I can produce a 3-6 minute episode once a month and I almost reached it this time around. I had challenges regarding the Silgrarian rig (the green/white creature) that really slowed down my production, but being so far along in the animation process it would have forced me to scrap a lot of work so I bit the bullet and worked with what I had. The next episode that features a Silgrarian will have completely re-done movement controls which I hope will eliminate the difficulties/limitations I had. I also have ideas as to how I can further improve my humanoid rig further as I had issues with IK getting confused when the character is not upright. All 3d elements, sound effects, music and post production work was created entirely myself, with textures utilized/edited from CGtextures.com.

Anyways, enough techno-babble... enjoy the show!
NOTE: I will be making a new thread next month or so that will encompass all Delura installments in favor of keeping a clean messageboard and making it easier for people to follow the series from here. Whenever I produce a new episode, I'll just post replies in that thread.