Alien Agenda : Project Grey

just watched a movie on called Alien Agenda : Project Grey ... tripped me the **** out... low budget indie movie, but the twist at the end was pretty cool. has anyone else seen it?


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That's certainly had an 'interesting' release schedule:

Japan 28 September 2007 (DVD premiere) Philippines 2008
Thailand 2008
Russia 24 April 2008
Vietnam December 2008
USA 15 February 2009 (Video On Demand)
Canada 26 March 2009 (Latin American Film Festival, Ottawa)
Greece 12 March 2011 (Athens International Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival)
USA 15 April 2011 (Motor City Nightmares Film Festival)

Not come out in the UK yet, so it's not one I've noticed. IMDB has very few viewer scores on it, even with its age. The DVD front cover looks, er, like a placeholder?
I bought it from amazon. Its about a guy who kills his best friend and swears that aliens made him do it.... but it has a lot of weird hidden meaning and messages throughout.... mainly themes found in the David Icke books...have you read those?


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I've not read Icke's books, but I do watch his RSS feed, much like I watch alternative news sources feeds to get a bigger picture in the world. A number of my friends are very 'alternative' and I suppose in a way I am too (well, what are we doing gathering places like here after all!)

Have you watched the new Johnny English film? Secret cabals, a state manufactured drug that turns people into hypnotic subjects that kill a target and then die from the drug. And then there is always the Manchurian Candidate and even Naked Gun ran the theme.
You can find information about my novel on this site under 'Books.' I posted some info under the heading 'New Sci-Fi Author.'

Thanks for asking.
Apologies Tomtastic, I should have given you the info about my novel that you asked for. I'm just a bit reluctant with regard self promotion, I don't want to be chucked off this site. I hope you understand. Let's hope the following is ok.

I tried to steer well clear of the plot-lines you see over and over again. It's about a couple of UFO's that are detected by a military early warning radar station one Saturday night in the UK. Their activities lead the military to conclude they're the real thing...alien spacecraft. What follows is some military action among other things, obviously too much detail would spoil it should yourself or anyone else give it a go. It also has some humour but is not written as a 'funny' story as such.

Suffice to say it's a bit like 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'. I hope that's 'whetted your appetite'.

If you do give it a look I wouldn't mind some feedback on what you think of the cover and the back cover 'blurb' as this is my first attempt at a sci-fi novel, well, any kind of novel to be honest.

I am in the process of writing a sequel so if you do get around to looking at the cover, reading the back cover 'blurb', or reading the story itself, some feedback, good or bad, would be greatly appreciated.

My novel is called 'A Strange Encounter' and is available as a download from Amazon. It's got a couple of good reviews and 4 star ratings on amazon UK and It's also got a 4 star rating from someone at 'Goodreads'.

If you do give it a go I hope you enjoy it. The back cover 'blurb' is what's written under the heading 'Product Description' on the Amazon sites.