beginer looking for bit of guiding

Hi there!

My first minutes here :smiley:
First post and I'm already asking for help- please don't feel used. Unless you want to.

I'm TOTAL sci-fi beginer. Everything I put my hands on (and loved) I found by complete coincidence. My problem is, I don't know ANYBODY even slightly interested in sci-fi, so there's no one to guide me and simply show me things I might like. I feel like child lost in fog. I know there's whole wonderful and weird world of fantasy and science fiction, but I don't know how to get to all of it, I only get bites here and there. So I ask for your help, completely strangers! Can you suggest me, what should I read, watch or whatever else?
For now, I know, and absolutely love: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy all trilogy- in five parts (btw, what do you guys think about "And Another Thing"?), I love every single one Batman movie, I've just started reading Pratchett (for now only Johnny and the Dead and Truckers).
What else I might like? Where should I start? What to do? I feel lonely, there's dark and long way from home ;)
oops. Did we miss this post :smiley:

Sorry about that. Welcome here. And to answer your question. If you are new to anything then you look at options, different tastes, tastes, etc. I can only suggest you get yourself a variety of books by different authors from your local library (or cheap from a secondhand store) and experience the different areas and writing styles. It's hard to come across work really that suits your own mind. If you feel you're rather generic then I'm sure suggestions could be easily made. But everyone tends to be very individual and there's a lot of material out there to experiment with! Once you have things you like it is onto peer reviewing and comments on similar writing styles.

On the comedy front I only really know Tom Holt as an author and then the Bill the Galactic Hero series of novels from Harry Harrison.

Use google well to find peer reviews, then regarding specific authors, books or series I recommend as a great way of linking them together.
I'd recommend watching the Firefly series and Serenity (the movie based on the series). Also, any and all of the Star Trek television series...and most of the movies. All six movies in the Star Wars saga. My short stories and novels (see the link below). I'm sure there is plenty all of us could recommend...can you narrow down a bit more specifically what sorts of things you like? Dark stories, films and/or TV shows, science-based, character-based, quirky?
Welcome to the boards. I'm new as well. But like any hobby, just jump in and figure things out as you go. Best wishes.
Thank you SO much for those reference charts, Shiz Ive been looking for something like that You are my hero .