Does anyone collect Blu-Ray?

I've just started collecting, i currently have 9 Blu-Ray's. Here's mine so far -



They are dropping in price now which is great, i've seen some as low as $20 now, and the cheapest i have got is around $12, which was pretty awesome. Hopefully they all get around to $20-$25, then i'm sure a lot more people would buy them.
They are going for about £20 over here in the UK - which is about $35 US, I'm not sure what the exchange rate is for AUS $ - considering a dvd is between £7 and £15 and contains the film (which is all I really buy them for, not especially interested in the extras) I'm sticking with DVD :)
Same as Azh, the Blu-Ray costs comparable to DVD at the moment are too high for me and I only have the PS3 to watch them on.

The only Blu-Ray I have is 3000BC and thats because I got it with the PS3.