can you give some ideas?



I hope you can help me.

I am a game developer. I will develop a FPS (first person shooter game) something like DOOM or QUAKE. When I finish the game, I will publish it on the net free of charge.

I will tell you what I want:
The probes showed the remnants of an old and advanced civilization on Mars. an expedition is sent to explore the ruins. But that expedition sent a distress call to Earth and the spaceship is destroyed due to an attack from something on the surface.

The High Command of Space Exploration (HCSE) sent a rescue team to the plant. But their ship was attacked and felt down to the surface of Mars. One of the team, Admir, survived but injured. After curing himself, he moved out to explore the area around him trying to reach the ruins to explore what happened to the expedition.

Now what I am asking for is what do you think that Admir will face? What happened to the expedition members: are they alive or dead? Who built that civiliation? What happened to them and where are they now? How old this civilization is?

The game will be fast-paced action with violent encounters.

Any idea different from mine is welcomed.

I hope so.



An Old Friend
Advanced Subterranean Dinosaurs using energy enhanced projectile weapons based on crossbows

Von Neumann probe nano constructs able to morph basic materials into designer weapons

The Flobus, an advanced technology insect-like creature in envirosuits that uses gravity weapons

The Atiffs, a race of tiny monkey-fish that use liquids as weapons (Handicapped on the surface but as the game goes deeper underground they acquire natural aquifers and liquid resources that increase the games difficulty)

The Phlabians, a super-race of humanoids with a hidden base in the asteroid belt that is terraforming Mars from the core outward. Having been there thousands of years using technology millions of years old stolen from a dead world in the Norma Arm of the Milky Way. Once completed, Mars will be seeded with humans from Earth to be used as food. Aside from the very high technology, the Phlabians dispatch their foes with teeth and claws.
Pluckies, creatures with energy guns that resemble evil rubber ducks.