Anyone here self-published using Amazon's Createspace? I'm looking into it and from what I can tell it seems like a solid venture. Just wanted to know what some opinions are.


New here but not 2 sci-fi
I use CreateSpace and it has worked fine for me. They have recently changed their plan options too which makes it good for the beginner. The one thing that you have to remember when self publishing and this goes for whoever you choose to publish with is that you are responsible for marketing your own books. It is you that has to do all the legwork to get the books sold or put on bookstore shelves which is not as easy as it sounds. Be prepared for the hardest part because it is yet to come. Publishing is nothing but getting them marketed is a whole different ball of wax as my dad used to say. I do hope this helps you.:D


I've been using Create Space for years. My books have turned fine. I've never had a shipment arrive late. Only a couple of times have there been a misprinted book in an order. There's also the plus of having your book at Amazon. Do learn about layout and cover design before you start. Once you get it down, it's easy to get your books in print.