Descendants on Kickstarter


Jul 15, 2014
Find your path in the sci-fi epic MMORPG universe of Descendants living in the last times of humanity.

New addicting gameplay mechanics. Our main goal is to create an exciting game mechanics with real freedom of choice - to give players the opportunity to express their individuality in situations developing in accordance with the laws of reality. The variety of possibilities is realized primarily through software solutions, optimized interface, thoughtful mechanics embodied in the compact and versatile forms. Priority is given to the buildup of gameplay interest, immersing the player into the atmosphere of the universe, role-playing system and combat mechanics. There is a possibility to improve game graphics and increase the diversity of the environment in accordance with the needs of players. Targeted approach to all elements of the game will provide players with an unprecedented depth of interaction with the game reality and each other. Initially, the game will be available on PC, MAC and Linux. All controls are convenient for joysticks, and adapted to the NVIDIA 3D Vision. Since controls are designed for touch screen devices, on request of Backers, the game can also be prepared for the browser, and later be ported to the Xbox and PlayStation
The dramatic depth of the epic universe. The game takes place in a sci-fi universe of the descendants. The entire game universe carefully designed and based on logical and deep system of science-fiction assumptions. Each event and technology have substantiation. Players during the game will learn more and more details about salvation history of humanity in the universe, familiarize with distinct technologies and interrelated past of 20 playable civilizations. Besides public knowledge about the universe, the story and mysteries will gradually be opened to players depending on their interests and achievements. Players will take up the challenge of a large number of threats endangering the fragile peace, and will determine the future of the universe by making the choice. The game allows the player to feel the real scale of the universe, offering intergalactic travels and exploration of many worlds and star systems. Full-fledged gameplay is available even within one planet, filled with cities, dangerous lands and dungeons.
Interaction among personalities of players. Unique social mechanics allowing players to immerse themselves in all aspects of post-futuristic society: politics, economy, war, the path of resistance. Simplified but realistic emulation of society designed to ensure irreducible gaming interest, regardless of the time spent in the game and the selected role. Everyone can find the most suitable activities facing the challenges stipulated by the balance of the game mechanics. The player's choice is recorded the game affecting the reputation and role. The purpose of the game and the player's interest are not reduced only to the achievement of the maximum development of the character, but extended to a great number of external goals. Achievement of these objectives is only possible through successful interaction with other players. The social component of the game is based on a system of checks and balances and involves tactical and strategic solutions to the tasks. Any action fixed in the logs can be designated as the target task for another player. All game elements are interrelated, and the success of an entire race depends on the activities of its citizens. To balance the negative consequences of total freedom, the game has a system ensuring player’s responsibility for committing of negative actions against others. Justice is implemented through the players themselves.
The Ultimate role-playing system. New role-playing game system (DNA) with an intuitive interface and impressive depth, allowing the player at any stage of the game to discover new opportunities, and find a new use for the old ones. Regardless of the time spent in the game, the player is always satisfied with the selected role that corresponds to the behavior and deeds, and not feel disadvantaged in comparison with experienced players. The system will interest novice and experienced players. A player can create a unique character combining classes and roles: 50 base classes, and 20 prestige classes, one for each of the 20 unique game races. In addition to the classes, a variety of roles directly associated with the social mechanics, in-game goals and player-driven gameplay. Each race has an intriguing history and features that affected the individual style, and each class in addition to basic skills, under certain achievements, gives access to a large amount of latent abilities. The player is limited in the number of available skills, and he is tasked with the finding the highest possible synergy of different abilities, wargear and battle tactics. The combat mechanics also offers a completely new experience of combat, control of squad, group interaction, Pvp and Pve battles.

Determining the fate of the universe. Hierarchical relationship of gaming roles and their difference in the capabilities set up a self-regulating political system based on the principle of checks and balances. The highest level of the political system regulates the diplomatic relations among races through the intergalactic council representing the interests of each fraction. Type of the domestic political system of each race is determined by the players themselves with the aim of regulating relations of different groups of citizens. Important role in determining the direction of development plays the head of fraction, and the Grand Council of Lords. Policy of star systems, planets and territories is exercised by local lords participating in the lowest level of political relations. Each player who has reached a certain level of development in one of four paths can become a lord. The mechanics of the game provides players with a huge number of powers and capabilities in defining global goals, the announcement of war or peace, prioritizing scientific development. The system of science globally affects the opportunities of citizens of a specific fraction and game balance in general. Resources, goods, economic relations, conflicts and events - everything that exists in the universe has its source in actions of players, making each game day unique and worthy of discussion. Only by joint efforts, the players can cope with global threats generated in response to the overall activity of the players.
Layered strategy of mass joint activity. Multilevel system of conducting armed conflicts include space battles, orbital collisions, confrontation for control over sky and ground battles. Division of space into various levels contributes to a huge variety of combat tactics; player skills get the utmost importance. Strategic control mode enables large-scale battles uniting thousands of players in a single organizational and hierarchical basis. Spaceships can descend to the level of the surface of planets, and provide serious support to ground forces. The dungeons of planets and the interior of ships are in one seamless location with the surface and buildings that fundamentally affects the sense of realism of what is happening. Each player in addition to control of his character from the third person may manage up to 20 mercenaries, united in the squad. Tactical combat component allows all participants of epic battles feel the importance of their mission and influence the course of the fight, regardless of the selected role - infantryman and fleet admiral equally involved in the execution of their tasks. Spaceships, as well as the planet's surface, are arenas for fighting, but may move that give players the opportunity to model battlefields themselves. The enormous variability of battle places and conditions makes the ability to adapt to the specific circumstances the distinguishing feature of realistic combat mechanics and a priority in the development of the character.
Freedom to interact with the world and environment. Players can own any plot of land on any planet, build economic, political, military and civilian structures, manage cities eventually gaining influence over the whole planet or star system. The presence of real property objects and zones of influence give players to feel the scale of the universe and the importance of their own decisions involving other players. Time spent in the game increases not only quantitative characteristics of player's capabilities but the number and quality of these capabilities. Realistic physics of combat and fully destructible environments bring into the game additional tactical possibilities and breathtaking scenes of global destruction of cities, earth formations and spaceships. There is an opportunity to get into the inner space and to take control of any building, vehicle and spacecraft by the assault landing or boarding. The player can appropriate any captured object or destroy it, but everyone can insure his property to be on the safe side. Unique system of crafting allows in the form of simple and intuitive interface realize truly boundless possibilities that give players to show their creativity and create objects needed to implement particular goals.

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